When Is It Time to Re-Shingle a Home or Business?

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When Is It Time to Re-Shingle a Home or Business?

The Chicago Tribune reminds readers how easy it is to get conned by home repair contractors. They try to convince home- and business owners that their property needs re-shingling, but in reality, their roof is set to last for several more years before requiring maintenance.

Homeowner’s Insurance Claims Frequently Asked Questions San FranciscoThis scam gets property owners to part with thousands of dollars simply because they do not know the various stages of roof deterioration. Still, San Francisco homeowners need to re-shingle their roofs more than most because the shingles are continually exposed to gusting winds, heavy rains, earthquakes and other natural phenomena. More than 2 million roofs need re-shingling each year, but in most cases, it is possible to avoid replacing the entire roof.

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Knowing When to Re-Shingle Your Property 

According to Home Tips, the warranty on your shingles should give you an idea of how long they will last. Asphalt shingles typically last between 20 and 50 years, depending on the weight of the shingles and exposure to the elements. Lightweight shingles generally have a 10-year warranty. These generally go over existing shingles to minimize the weight on the roof’s structure.

Heavyweight shingles consist of multiple layers of asphalt tiles, and they carry a 50-year warranty. However, if storms or sun continually pelt one side of the roof, you will notice faster wear on those shingles.

New shingles can easily develop an isolated leak, especially near perforations such as chimneys. However, a leak does not require replacing the roof; you can simply fix the faulty shingle. If your shingles are leaking in multiple places, then they have started to deteriorate. There are four stages of shingle decay:

1. The surface granules in the tiles begin to erode.

This leaves patches of discoloration that are easy to see from the ground. Bare asphalt glares in the sunlight. You can also look for surface granules in your gutters; they wash off the roof and collect in piles at the bottom of downspouts.

2. The number of discolored patches begins to multiply.

They also grow in size. Shingle tabs start curling and become brittle when exposed to the sun, and some will even have ragged edges and noticeable chips.

3. The exposed shingle tabs become noticeably curly and start breaking off the roof.

Chunks of asphalt shingles will fall to the ground. This is likely to result in blockages in the gutters. At this point, the nail heads that the tabs protect become visible to the eye.

4. The shingle tabs will be break away.

The remaining few are chipped and severely curled along the edges. You are likely suffering many new leaks in the roof. Do not wait for this stage to contact a roofer.

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