What you can expect during your project.

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What you can expect during your project.

  • Water damage clean up and repair takes between 15-30 days on average. Our goal is to get it all repaired within 15 days if possible.
  • Get the insurance claim number from your insurance company , the name , phone and email of your adjuster and email it to office@fixaflood.com with the claim # in the subject line.
  • Ask your insurance company if temporary housing is covered . In some projects this is helpful .
  • If your home was built prior to 1980 it must be tested for Lead and asbestos containing materials prior to disturbing wet walls etc.
    We will write two estimates and email them to you and your adjuster.1. the water damage clean up estimate(mitigation)2. the repair estimate(build back)

General timeline ( complex projects take more time to complete)
Day 1: Set up drying equipment, set up asbestos test if older than 1980.
Day 2: Asbestos test takes place.
Day 3: Monitor drying process.
Day 4: Asbestos test results arrive. If asbestos is present , the project will take longer. Day 5: Remove wet drywall, or have abatement started.
Day 6: Certify dry and remove drying equipment.
Day 7: Get estimate to insurance adjuster.
Day 8: Sign our repair contract. Coordinate start date for repairs, order materials. Day 9: Repairs are being completed to walls, ceilings floors.
Day 10:Repairs are being completed to walls, ceilings floors.
Day 11:Repairs are being completed to flooring.
Day 12:Repairs are being completed to Flooring etc.
Day 13:Repairs are being completed to Trim , base board , Misc.
Day 14:Repairs are being completed to Misc.
Day 15:Repairs are being completed to Misc.

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