Offering Flood Repair Services | Why Choose Allied Restoration Company?

Property Damage Repair Service in San Francisco

Offering Flood Repair Services in the San Francisco Bay Area

Property Damage Repair ServiceWith our clients’ needs in mind we provide diligent, cost-effective solutions to water and mold damage in San Francisco. We continually develop and update our methods to meet new challenges while still satisfying the needs of our clients and all regulatory requirements.

Our experienced, qualified, and expert staff will guide you through each step of the process from consulting and providing you with estimates of the damage through the restoration of your property. We are unique in that we are a small, regional company which prides itself in personal service.

Why Choose Allied Restoration Company?

  • We are experts in the containment of water damage
  • We are experienced in the remediation of mold damage
  • We assist you in a speedy recovery of your home or business
  • We pride ourselves in Superior Workmanship
  • We have a highly trained, certified staff
  • We have experts in mold, chemical exposures, and other pollutants
  • Our expert team includes: physicians, public health practitioners, certified microbial investigators, certified restoration trainers, certified indoor air quality managers, and mechanical ventilation engineers.
  • We’ve been in business for over 15 years