Disaster Planning Services

Prompt Emergency Response Minimizes your Downtime | Creating Order From Chaos | Preferred Provider Program

Disaster Recovery Planning Services

Prompt Emergency Response Minimizes your Downtime.

Learn about or Preferred Provider Program Allied Platinum Plus ®

  1. You’ll have a dedicated point of contact 24/7 .
    • Your representative will be onsite within one hours of a property damage incident.
  2. You’ll receive per-negotiated rates and pricing.
  3. All vendor info will be per-arranged
    • Liability insurance is on file
    • All regulatory and compliance details are handled up front.
  4. We become familiar with your building facilities and develop a emergency plan.
  5. We prepare to minimize business interruption in the event of an fire , water or other natural disaster emergency. Tailored to your specific needs.

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After a natural disaster or catastrophic event, you need an experienced partner in disaster recovery. Allied Restoration is San Francisco’s premier Disaster Recovery Service. Our experience, size and knowledge ensure that we’re able to provide effective solutions for recovery from water, fire or smoke damage. Bay Area residents and business owners have come to rely on our team when for turning back the clock on property damage.

In an emergency, the response is critical. Every second counts.


Response and action taken during the first 24 to 48 hours of a disaster are critical in determining whether or not your business fully recovers. We understand what’s at risk when a business faces a disaster.

Your recovery team has only one opportunity to get it right. Choosing Allied gives you access to an entire team of experienced, professional recovery experts. With an efficient, timely and methodical approach, your company and employees will benefit from having Allied on your side.

With more than 20 years of experience in disaster recovery and business continuity, Allied can help get your business quickly back into operation after an incident occurs, while making every attempt possible to preserve property and inventory.

With Allied Restoration Company on your side, you’re guaranteed to have:

Emergency service with a dedicated emergency phone number, available 24/7

We aim to provide you the means to contact us immediately. No one understands the importance of timely response like we do. That’s why we offer a quick and reliable means to get in touch with us, every day, at any time.

Assistance in emergency situations – from major fires to area flooding

At Allied Restoration Company, we pride ourselves on being able to respond to virtually any kind of disaster. We’re also familiar with the specific disasters certain areas are prone to, and are capable of handling them with the right equipment, experience and the abilities of our talented team of restoration experts.

Protection of your assets

Disasters can threaten the very function and existence of a business. Fully aware of this, we aim to restore and protect what’s important to the very lifeblood of your place of business—and can do so in enough time to get everything back up and running as soon as possible.

We Specialize in:

  • Structure and Property Restoration: We’ll thoroughly analyze and address any major structural problems and restore your property to its original condition where possible.
  • Structural Dehumidification: One of the most critical steps in flood recovery is dehumidification. With the right technology and methods, we can de-saturate flooring, drywall, air and ceilings.
  • Contents Restoration: When disaster hits a place of business, all sorts of materials are at risk including inventory and other essentials. You can count on us to address what’s most integral to your operation.
  • Document and Data Recovery: The prospect of losing vital business and financial documents in a flood is terrifying. With prompt action, we can clean and restore water-damaged documents and papers.
  • Mold Remediation: Often a result of water damage, we treat mold as it should be: a threat to the health and safety of those working and visiting your place of business. We can effectively detect and remove mold spores from the area.
  • Property Reconstruction: Major fires, violent storms and other catastrophes can completely wreck a building and other property. At Allied Restoration Company, we aim to erase all signs of the damage to the best of our abilities.

Preferred Provider Program Allied Platinum Plus ®

  • 4-hour year ‘round response through Allied’s hotlines: Always have access to our restoration services.
  • Immediate telephone response after you report your incident to us. Your concerns are our concerns, and we’ll make every attempt to let you know where we are and how quickly we can respond.
  • Response to site, to inspect and advise on damage control actions.
  • Written scope of damage control actions within 24 hours of site visit. No surprise charges. You will always be informed of the extent of the damage and what’s required to repair it.
  • Business continuity plans to assist with proper integration of recovery partner. Your business’s recovery is critical to us. We’ll make every attempt to ensure you’re up and running as soon as possible, and we’ll notify you on the progress of the recovery.
  • On the spot damage assessment. We’ll let you know exactly what the problem is and how we intend to address it, immediately.
  • Account Manager assigned to your account.
  • 2 site familiarization reports.
  • Available in San Francisco, Seattle, and San Diego ensures continuity of operations. With a proven track-record of service, integrity and success, you can count on Allied.

We deliver a comprehensive range of services, combined to produce a customized solution to ensure your recovery is as fast and efficient as possible.

For San Francisco based businesses, and homes, contact Allied Restoration Company at 415-529-5637