What Is the Best Time of Year for Deck Installation?

Posted on: February 1, 2015 | By: Michael T. | Uncategorized

What Is the Best Time of Year for Deck Installation?

San Francisco is known for its warm, sunny days, and spending time outdoors with friends and family is a favorite pastime of local residents. People love home renovations, and making the best use of your outdoor space has become a trend throughout California.

Custom Deck Building & Repair San FranciscoBut when is the best time to install a deck? Most people begin these projects in the spring and summer, but it is actually wiser to build a porch in the fall, and this article will explain why.

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When to Begin Building Your Deck

Timing home renovations requires understanding how the seasons affect the project. The seasons have an enormous effect on wood, and since San Francisco is a hotbed of unpredictable weather, residents must consider the behavior of wood when exposed to the elements.

According to Columbus Decks, wood shrinks in cold weather and expands when exposed to sun. Wood swells when it rains and shrivels when it is dry. People should work with wood during the fall because the weather is more predictable at this time of year.

Dynamic temperatures and moisture levels cause contraction and expansion, which results in cracks, gaps and loose screws. It is better to build in cool weather when there is the least chance of rain, snow or extreme heat. Autumn is ideal for home renovations. It is also the “off-season” for most construction crews, which offers you more scheduling options and a quicker result.

There is another reason to schedule property restorations for the fall: Your existing landscape will suffer the least damage, according to California Redwood Co. During the rainy season, the water loosens soil and greatly impacts your garden. Plants and grass become dormant in cooler weather, resulting in less growth and insect activity.

Unpredictable Californian weather often delays construction projects. Autumn is generally drier than other seasons, and crews are able to complete the building on time. Construction teams are not as busy during fall and winter as they are during the warmer months, and there are often “off-season” discounts.

Californians can save money on their deck if they utilize the specials on offer during the colder months. The wood will behave better when temperatures are milder, and there are no heavy rains. To take advantage of intelligent and affordable home renovations in San Francisco, call Allied Restoration at 415-529-5637 today.