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Written Property Damage Estimate

Written property damage repair estimates.

Insurance tips for Property Damage Repair San Francisco

Insurance carriers offer many homeowners the opportunity to hire a private party to estimate damage repairs. Often, this is a wise decision because insurance company surveyors may be biased in favor of their employer, leaving homeowners with payouts that are well below the amount they deserve.

Providing accurate damage estimates is no easy task. Insurance companies require specific details about the incident including a full rundown of the damage, the repairs necessary and, of course, the final estimate. Allied Restoration Company will provide this information to maximize your payout.

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Allied Restoration Is Your One-Stop Solution for Disaster Relief

After disaster strikes, no one wants to be left wondering how they can afford repairs. Dealing with the aftermath of a flood, fire, sewage backup or worse is hard enough. At Allied Restoration Company, we aim to make the process of submitting information to your insurance provider—and receiving the money you need for repairs—as simple as possible. We also provide professional cleanup and recovery services, making us your one-stop solution for disaster relief.

We provide all the documentation necessary for insurance claim purposes. We will draft a complete written scope of the damage and the work necessary to repair it. We will also provide photos at the time of the loss, as well as photos during and after the remediation.

Satisfying insurance companies can be a demanding and meticulous job, which is why it is so important to hire an expert to handle the report. At Allied Restoration, we can ensure your insurance provider is up to date with an accurate and thorough damage report.

Complete Reports on Incidents Involving Water Damage

Floods and other major disasters involving water are notoriously difficult to report to insurance companies. Depending on the incident, and whether or not a storm was involved, insurance companies require various details to understand full extent of the damage, as well as the cause. That’s why we provide complete moisture mapping, drying logs, and temperature and humidity records.

You can be sure that your insurance provider will have a thorough detailing of the water damage, the cause and what is necessary to repair the damage.

Reports for Smoke and Fire Incidents

If your home or business has fallen victim to a fire, paperwork is probably your last concern. You want to repair your property and get back to your normal routine. But before we apply the necessary remediation services, our team will record and catalog every necessary detail about the accident so neither you nor the insurance company is left in the dark.

Our team will also work strenuously to record all details involving smoke damage. This is often a meticulous area as smoke can spread quite easily through a building.

Complete Damage Estimates for You and Your Insurance Provider From Allied Restoration Company

Our estimates are detailed and include a written sketch of the affected areas. Line item details of all work performed will be included, as well. We understand what information insurance providers need, so you can rest assured that no detail will be left out. Our goal is to turn back the clock on major disasters, and producing thorough disaster reports is a necessary part of this process.

We use Xactimate 28 and pre-negotiated insurance carrier pricing. With us, you can count on a reliable and professional estimate with no surprises. We understand what’s at stake, whether it’s your home or your business. We work with all major insurance carriers to provide the best services to our customers.

Allied Restoration Company: With You From Start to Finish

We built our company on a compassionate awareness of how stressful a disaster can be. With Allied Restoration Company, you not only have the peace of mind offered by our professional and timely response team, but you’ll also understand the details regarding the damage, repair procedures and estimates. We catalog every important piece of information so that you can provide your insurance provider with an accurate report and receive the maximum payout.

Count on Allied Restoration Company to be there when you need help the most. Don’t hesitate to call our 24/7 emergency line at 415-529-5637. When it comes to disasters, timely response doesn’t just help the remediation process, but it also allows the recovery team to document the damage as soon as possible—while also giving you the opportunity to notify your insurance provider immediately with important details.