Large or Catastrophic Restoration Projects San Francisco to Marin CA

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Large or Catastrophic Restoration Projects San Francisco to Marin CA
There are times when the disaster is so severe and widespread that it is difficult to even think where to being the restoration process. These types of events sometimes involve commercial buildings, but more often involve industrial accidents, widespread institutional destruction and the devastation of residential complexes.
The complexity of these disasters is staggering, requiring extensive knowledge and experience with a range of building materials, structural components, internal systems and many different kinds of construction bases. Our experts are trained to handle these kinds of catastrophes, with all of their electrical wiring challenges, security requirements, high profile public attention and levels of organizational paperwork.

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water damage repair san franciscoIt is about more than the size of the property or properties that were damaged or destroyed. A restoration project may be considered large or catastrophic if there are many layers of administration and project management reporting requirements, such as with governmental works or non-profit institutions.
Our experts can handle the challenges in the field as well as in the office. That involves mechanical systems, HVAC repair, plumbing, gas lines, fire suppression systems, low-voltage cabling, interior climate sensors and the latest high tech advances in building security. Beyond the hard work of setting things right on a very large scale, we are just as comfortable handling all the administrative paperwork that comes with bidding, multiple reporting status updates and budgetary projections for the long haul.