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Posted on: November 4, 2014 | By: Michael T. | cleaning water damaged things, contents evaluation, damage mitigation, damage to personal property, drying water damaged things, pack in, pack out, saving stuff damaged by water

salvaging things damaged by water san franciscoContents Evaluation and Restoration San Francisco
Insurance companies want to honor their obligations, but they also want to stay in business. Their business model depends on indemnifying their customers at a “fair” rate, which ends up being as little as the market will bear at any given time.

We know. We’ve been there countless times and we know that your valuation of the contents destroyed in a disaster can be very different than the report prepared by an insurance adjuster.
Tell us what your ideal outcome would be and we will go room by room to determine what is salvageable and the costs involved in restoring specific items to a pre-loss state.

Before we begin with any work on your property, our experts document and evaluate all of the property’s contents. The inventory and recording process involves proposals for different ways of handling the contents, what kinds of processes would be necessary to clean and restore them to a pre-loss condition, and a definitive answer about which particular pieces are simply not salvageable.

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The process of restoring contents is quite complex, requiring extensive knowledge of materials science and specialized equipment for cleaning, sterilizing, deodorizing and safely storing the contents until the property is ready to have them returned.

For those items that need to be replaced, we draw up a plan for proper environmental controls on the disposal of those contents in a way that will not contaminate other areas on site that have not been affected.

There is no question that your life and your property are very closely related. We put ourselves in your shoes and try to save everything that can reasonably be saved. If there is any hope for restoration processes to work, we will take care of your possessions, furniture, rugs, electronics, upholstery and and any other valuable items that were exposed to fire damage, house smoke damage or water damage.