Carpet Disengagement and Re-Installation

dryingwetcarpetsanfranciscoCarpet Disengagement and Re-Installation
There is one item virtually guaranteed not to survive any kind of water damage either in a residential or a commercial setting: the carpet.
Carpet removal can be an extremely delicate operation under the best of conditions, depending on the state of the carpet, the flooring underneath, the chemicals used in the glue and the ventilation of the property.
After smoke, fire or water damage has compromised the chemicals inside the carpet and the empty spaces beneath the floor, there’s an additional level of danger to the residents’ or employees’ health. This makes the operation fraught with much more serious challenges.
Under no circumstances should property owners attempt to contract out this job to unqualified workers or attempt to handle the job themselves. The results could be more catastrophic than the original damage.
After the carpets have been professionally dried enough to work with, the complex process of disengagement from the tack strip begins. The underlying carpet pad must be destroyed and disposed of without any damage to adjacent areas or allowing the remaining moisture to spread any further.
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The working floor must immediately be treated with EPA-qualified cleaners in order to prevent the incursion of microbial growth, including mold and mildew.
Before re-installation can begin, deodorization techniques must be professionally applied. If not performed properly, the smell can never be eliminated and can spread to other porous materials.
All of our carpet disengagement and re-installation professionals are certified with the The Institution for Inspecting, Cleaning and Restoring Certification (IICRC) to excel in the evaluation and deployment of industry standards in safe and effective carpet handling after a disaster.
Carpet Disengagement and Re-Installation There is one item virtually guaranteed ...