Drought Challenges San Francisco Weather Records

Posted on: February 4, 2015 | By: Michael T. | Uncategorized

Drought Challenges San Francisco Weather Records

San Francisco usually gets most of its rain in January. It is the wettest month of the year, with an average rainfall of 4.5 inches since 1850.

Fire and smoke cleaningHowever, a severe drought hit the city this January, and the Washington Post forecasted 0 inches of rainfall. This has not happened in the last 165 years, but in 2014, the city only received 0.06 inches of rain in January.

California is suffering its worst drought in longer than a century. Luckily, heavy rains battered the city during December, which eased the drought slightly from its driest point. Some residents even experienced minor property damage from the rain, and they spent the first few days of the New Year partaking in water repair work on their homes.

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More Information on San Francisco’s Record-Breaking Drought

The Pacific Ocean is harboring a warm patch that is preventing rain from entering the state, resulting in record temperatures in California, Arizona and Nevada, reports the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Precipitation evaporates before it reaches the shore. The senate is discussing a bill that would offer assistance to those most affected by the heat, but it has not yet been passed by Congress.

The senate has also been investigating the reality of climate change; scientists believe that even worse droughts will hit the southwest. Although this drought is not the result of global warming, climate is undoubtedly a contributor to the heat.

Senator Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma opposed the climate change amendments this week. He argued that humans are unable to impact the weather and that it is vain for us to believe we have any control over wind and rain. He was referring to specific scientific evidence that highlights how the warming climate is a by-product of overwhelming greenhouse gas emissions.

Although the global warming debate will continue, one fact is certain: San Francisco residents have never seen so little rain, and it has never been so excruciatingly hot. Climate records are breaking at an alarming pace, and Bay Area residents are facing yet another natural phenomenon.

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