Old San Francisco Ficus Trees Pose a Property Damage Risk

Posted on: February 5, 2015 | By: Michael T. | property damage, property damage restoration

Old San Francisco Ficus Trees Pose a Property Damage Risk

In the 1960s, San Francisco officials decided to plant ficus trees along the city’s sidewalks. Although this decision added some aesthetics to the Bay Area, the trees would ultimately contribute to major destruction.

Homeowner’s Insurance Claims Frequently Asked Questions San FranciscoThese trees are extremely tall, and they have become top-heavy, weak and old. Today, they are prone to falling. According to ABC News, ficus trees have become a danger to people in the city, and they regularly cause property damage to cars.

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More Info on Ficus Tree Damage in San Francisco

Last year, there were several reports of ficus trees falling on cars and roofs. Some fell onto roads; one even landed on a pedestrian in the Mission District. He survived but suffered a serious head injury.

The Battalion Chief of the San Francisco Fire Department recommends that city officials remove all ficus trees from the city’s sidewalks. He insists they are hazardous to the safety of residents. In the Western Addition area alone, residents have witnessed three trees fall onto vehicles.

CBS San Francisco reported last year that a 40-foot ficus tree split down the middle and crashed onto several cars near Eddy and Steiner Streets. At the Gough and Post intersection, a massive branch landed on another car. Also, an enormous ficus tree caused some property damage near the Joe DiMaggio Playground; fortunately, no children or parents were injured in the incident.

Residents are nervous about being crushed by one of these giant trees, and the city has banned the planting of any more ficus trees. They are so prone to breaking that the Department of Public Works has been systematically removing them from the city over the last year.

Some of these trees were pruned a few days before they toppled into the streets, yet the city does not have enough money to ensure its maintenance program upholds industry standards. Homeowners now have to take some responsibility to reduce the safety concerns of these trees.

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