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Flooding 101: How to Prepare for Nature’s Worst

flood damage preparation balboa terrace

Flooding 101: How to Prepare for Nature’s Worst

Next to house fires, floods are some of the most destructive events a homeowner can experience. Aside from the damage
water can leave, floods often signify a bigger problem such as plumbing, roofing or structural failures.flood prepared ness

If the flood is due to a catastrophic storm in the area, safety is the first priority. Flood-prevention services can
prepare you for these storms, and regular home assessments can help you avoid floods resulting from structural components.

Floods, even small ones, shouldn’t be taken lightly. If you’ve recently had a flood and live in San Francisco,
contact Allied Restoration Company today. Our expert water-damage repair specialists can apply the proper tools and techniques to restore
property that was once thought lost. Every minute counts when it comes to flood damage in Balboa Terrace. Call us at 415-529-5637.

Basic Preparation

Unless a major hurricane or other storm is in the area, floods aren’t always easy to predict. Still, some areas are
more prone to dangerous storms and flooding than others. As such, basic flood preparation often makes a huge difference for homeowners.

There are several steps people can take to prepare for floods that result from plumbing leaks. For example, it’s
important to have cleaning supplies, such as a mop and towels, readily available. Other helpful supplies include rubber boots and gloves to keewater damage clean upp dry when moving through the flooded area.

It’s also a smart idea to keep boots, gloves and other materials used around the flood in one area of the house to
minimize the spread of water and other unwanted materials. This is especially important if the flood water is contaminated or involves
backed-up sewage. Scheduling annual checkups on the condition of a home’s roof, plumbing and electricity is another way to avoid a
disaster. Understanding how much time and money should go into flood prevention often hinges on knowing whether or not your area is
considered a high-risk flood environment, according to Extension.

Preparing for Hurricanes and Heavy Storms

Major storm events often involve more comprehensive preparation as safety is a much more serious concern.
Having the right supplies and paying attention to new developments as the storm progresses can often save lives.

Because major flooding can be the cause of serious power outages and other issues, having a supply of canned goods and
fresh water is always important. Gas stoves do not require electricity to work, so heating water for food is still possible. For
homes situated along the coasts and in areas prone to major storms and flooding, it might be a smart idea to invest in a backup power

As the CDC advises, it is incredibly important to have a battery-powered radio
and fresh batteries on hand to stay updated on storm progress in case of the need to evacuate.

As frightening as the notion of evacuation sounds, there are times when it’s necessary. Follow national broadcast
instructions to their fullest, and make sure all gas and electricity is shut off before evacuating—provided it’s safe to do so.

Flood Remediation and Water-Damage Repair in San Francisco

Fortunately, for most homeowners, floods are typically expensive nuisances and not life-endangering catastrophes.
Still, water can wreak havoc on any homeowner’s property. For flood-repair services in San Francisco, trust the response team at
Allied Restoration Company. Call us today at 415-529-5637.


flood damage preparation balboa terrace Flooding 101: How to Prepare for Nature...