Infrared View of Flooded Wall San Francisco

California Homes & Businesses Unprepared for Rising Sea Levels

California Homes and Businesses Unprepared for
Rising Sea Levels

In light of recent discoveries, coastal cities seem to be at a much greater risk from the effects of climate change
and rising sea levels than previously thought. As a revealing study indicates, the next few decades might be very tough for areas like
New York City, Boston, Florida, Maryland and California. San Francisco, in particular, is at a greater risk than most other
west-coast cities. With more frequent floods triggered by high tides and rainstorms, many are concerned about homes and places of business along the west coast

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Recent Study Finds Average Flood Rates Up by
900 Percent in Some Areas

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric
Administration’s most recent study reveals a frightening change in
the frequency of floods, as WSAV
reports. Analyzing data from as far back as the 1950s, the
report indicates the average amount of flooding has more than tripled
in most areas.

The more troubling fact, however, is flooding no
longer requires huge storms like hurricanes to occur. Instead, high
tides and average rainstorms are triggering large-scale flooding,
causing copious amounts of water to build up on roadways and floodThermal View of Flooded Wall San Francisco
into people’s homes and places of business. This has largely been
exacerbated by increasing amounts of melting in glacial ice,
triggered by greenhouse-gas emissions, as well as the erosion of
natural barriers that would keep sea water in check.

California Homes and Businesses at Risk

Highlighting similar studies, the NOAA report
points out the troubles California will be facing in the next few
decades. San Francisco is highlighted as seeing the worst of it out
of any other west coast city. Some of the key places to expect
flooding, the report indicates, are the low-lying areas found in the
Bay Area such as San Francisco International Airport.Drying Flooded Walls San Francisco

Other areas, including power plants, are also at
risk; this, according to Think
, has urged city council members to put a stop to many
development projects.

There is also tremendous concern for many homes
and businesses built at a time when increased flooding wasn’t even
a thought. Scientists and city leaders are emphasizing that a new way
of life might be in order for many—one that accounts for a greater
need to protect homes, business, sidewalks and roadways from the
heightened amount of flooding.

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California Homes and Businesses Unprepared for Rising Sea Levels In light of rec...