When Homeowners Should Consider Mold Testing

Posted on: November 4, 2014 | By: Michael T. | mold testing, san francisco

mold testing in Balboa Terrace

Why Every Homeowner Should Take Mold Seriously

Spotting mold growth in the home can sometimes be a simple task. With a persistent odor, it’s easy to find in basements, attics and other moist areas.

Infrared Moisture Detection San FranciscoMany homeowners, however, often neglect to have the problem addressed immediately. Some assume mold is a normal occurrence in basements and do nothing; others attempt to remedy the situation with simple household products or cleaners found in hardware stores. Mold, however, is too serious an issue to ignore or fix via DIY methods.

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Mold Destroys Property

IICRC CertifiedMold growth does more than emit a foul odor. It persists by eating away at materials such as food, cloth, paper and wood. Over time—and as it spreads—mold can grow throughout the house, causing more damage to property.

The more time mold remains on a surface, the harder it is to reverse the damage. This is why it’s so important to address the problem quickly and professionally.

Mold Makes People Sick

Unless the growth has become very obvious, one of the first reasons people seek mold remediation services is because it’s making them sick. Mold allergies are quite common, and according to the Mayo Clinic, the only way to really address them is to limit contact with spores.

Thermal View of Flooded Wall San FranciscoPeople often experience reactions in their eyes, throat, nasal passages and skin. As the EPA reports, mold presents an even greater risk for those suffering from asthma as the spores trigger more frequent and violent attacks.

Mold Is Often a Sign of Water Damage

In order to grow and spread, mold requires moist, wet areas to thrive. Few accidents in the home create more ripe conditions for his than a flood or water damage. Water damage can be invisible, and major floods often start as the result of a pipe with a small crack or a patch of roofing with a small leak. In this way, mold can be an indication of a greater problem, making it a vital reason to act quickly.

Mold Testing and Remediation in Balboa Terrace

Don’t let mold fester in your home. Contact Allied Restoration Company for mold testing services in Balboa Terrace and throughout San Francisco. We can pinpoint the areas where it’s growing and put an end to mold quickly using safe and effective methods. Call us today at 415-529-5637.