A Bay Area Homeowner’s Guide to House Floods

Posted on: November 4, 2014 | By: Michael T. | catastrophic water restoration, flood caused by broken pipes and earthquakes, floor drying techniques, water damage repair

Guide to house flooding Balboa Terrace San Francisco

Cleaning company for House FloodingA Bay Area Homeowner’s Brief Guide to House Floods

Floods can build up quicker than most realize. With the ability to destroy property and create unsafe, unhealthy conditions in the home,
floods are devastating and often difficult to repair.

The remediation process may involve more than water removal. Often, plumbing or roofing repairs are necessary. In some cases,
cavity drying must take place to keep the home structurally sound. With a proper response, though, much of the damage can be reversed
and costs reduced.

If you’ve recently experienced a flood and live in San Francisco, contact Allied Restoration Company. Our response team is trained to deal with all types of floods and can help restore your
property to its original conditions. Furniture, books, documents and photographs may all be saved by acting promptly. Call us at
415-529-5637 for Balboa Terrace flood-remediation and water-damage services.

Wood Floor Drying Balboa TerraceCommon Causes of House Floods

One of the best defenses against flooding in the home is understanding how it can happen in the first place. While the
occasional unexpected catastrophe might be unpreventable, most homeowners can avert disaster or at least minimize its effects.

Home floods are typically the results of plumbing or roofing failures. Broken pipes or busted water heaters can result in
extensive damage.

saving water damage furniture san francisco flood repairLeaks in roofing materials may start off slow but can escalate rather quickly. An effective strategy against these accidents is to
schedule regular roofing and plumbing checkups. Small problems can be found and fixed right away before they become larger issues.

Risks Associated With Water Damage

A number of problems are often related to flooding in the home. The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification
outlines three different categories of water when it comes to flooding. These range from relatively clean to more toxic waters that
contain bacteria and other contaminants.

Floods also create generally unsafe conditions in the home. According to the National Roofing Contractors Association,
it only takes as little as 6 inches of standing water to cause slips and falls.

water that needs to be vacuumed out of commercial building san franciscoReacting to a House Flood

The most appropriate reaction to water damage in the home is to call flood-repair services immediately. The more standing water is
left unattended, the worse and more irreparable the damage becomes. Flood-remediation companies also abide by strict safety and sanitary
protocols to cut the risks of contamination.

Flood Repair in Balboa Terrace

Whether you live in Balboa Terrace or elsewhere in San Francisco, Allied Restoration Company provides complete flood-repair services to
homeowners. With prompt response time and strict flood-remediation protocols, we work toward a safe and effective recovery. Call us
today at 415-529-5637.