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3 Signs Your Home Needs Mold Testing

Inner Richmond Mold Testing San Francisco

While many homeowners think they have a mold problem, few are
willing to do anything about it if the growth seems contained. Some
homeowners either don’t respond until it’s become a major issue orMold Testing San Francisco
attempt to fix the problem themselves with household or off-the-shelf
products. Professional mold testing is the only way to measure the
full extent of the issue, and it’s the surest way to completely
address the issue. This article will introduce three common signs
mold might be an in your home.

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Richmond and throughout San Francisco, contact Allied
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1. Spotting and Smelling the Signs

Mold is most commonly found due to its characteristic smell. Many
people describe the scent as familiar to dirty socks. For the most
part, a pungent, musty odor is a dead giveaway, according to the CDC.

Visual signs can also be another clue. Mold, depending on the
type, comes in different colors: black, white or shades of green.
Mold spores favor moist areas and are often on a material they can
easily digest such as cloth or wood.

2. Consistent Allergic Reactions

Mold reproduces by releasing spores into the atmosphere, which are
then carried to favorable sites where they can grow. These spores
come into contact with humans easily, and they can be inhaled,
digested or land on the skin and eyes.

According to the EPA,
these spores trigger a wide array of different allergic reactions.
Frequent sneezing, unexplainable rashes and eye, nose and throat
irritations are all signs that mold is not only present in the house,
but it’s spreading.

3. Recent Water Damage

Floods and minor water damage create favorable conditions for mold
growth. It is often a smart idea to have a proper mold testing
conducted after any kind of flooding. In fact, many water-damage
repair services offer mold removal and testing services for this very

Mold Testing and Removal in Inner Richmond

If you suspect that mold may be present in
your home, waste no time and contact Allied Restoration Company. The
longer mold goes on unattended, the further it can spread. Checking
for mold can also reveal any possible water damage that might cause
further problems in the future. Call us today at 415-529-5637.


Inner Richmond Mold Testing San Francisco While many homeowners think they have...