Flooded Home Balboa Terrace

3 Steps to Take When Floods Affect Your Home

Flood repair steps balboa terrace  Flooded Home Balboa Terrace

3 Steps to Take When Floods Affect Your Home

Floods can come from a number of different
sources: plumbing failures, stormy weather and leaks in the roof or
walls—to name a few. Unfortunately, this is what makes floods so
difficult to remedy.

Not only do the water and the damage have to be
addressed, but the source of the problem also has to be fixed. Flood
damage often involves a combination of issues, but with proper
planning, dealing with water damage can be a bit easier for most

Don’t let a flooding accident ruin your home.
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1. Call Flood-Remediation Specialists

Timely response to a flood at home means the difference between restoring property and losing it, according to
Home Advisor. Water damage increases over time and also allows for
other threats, like mold growth, to occur. If the flood is associated at all with raw sewage or other contaminants, other health hazards come into play.

This is why it’s so vital to contact a flood-repair service as soon as possible. By arriving on the scene
sooner—rather than later—a technician can apply the right techniques and tools to ensure the water damage doesn’t accumulate.
Furniture and documents also stand a greater chance of surviving the restoration process if their exposure to flood water has been

2. Maintaining Cleanliness With Rubber Boots, Gloves and Other Materials

Floods not only cause damage to property, but under the right conditions, they can be hazardous to health and
safety. Many homeowners rightfully associate water damage with mold growth, but that’s not all; dirty, contaminated water can bring
with it bacteria and pathogens that can be easily spread throughout the home.

According to the CDC, purchasing quality rubber boots, waterproof gloves, breathing masks,
mops and cleaning supplies should be a priority when reacting to a flood. Boots, gloves and masks should only be worn in areas close to
the flood in order to minimize bacteria or pathogens spreading throughout the house. Areas surrounding the flood should also be kept
clean with mops and other cleaning materials.

3. Contact Professional Services

Floods are much more than just “a little bit of water;” they are often the causes of major property destruction and
expensive repairs. After a remediation company has been contacted and is on the way, and all other preparations have been taken care of, be
sure to contact not only the insurance company but plumbing, electric or roofing services—depending on what else needs to be fixed.
Remember: Floods often result from an issue present in the home, and repairing that is just as important as responding to the water

Flood Remediation Services in San Francisco

If a flood has recently occurred in your home, take the right first step, and contact Allied Restoration Company
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Flood repair steps balboa terrace  3 Steps to Take When Floods Affect Your Home...