3 Reasons Why Smoke Can Be More Destructive Than Flames

Posted on: November 4, 2014 | By: Michael T. | balboa terrace, fire smoke remediation, san francisco

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3 Reasons Why Smoke Can Be More Destructive Than Flames

Nothing can be more frightening to a homeowner than the prospect of a fire in the house. With the possibility of destroying virtually everything in its path, the dangers of an out-of-control fire know no bounds.

Even when fires are contained in a single area, many homeowners become familiar with just how much damage can occur from a simple spark or unattended candle. Along with the flames comes another destructive force: smoke. The result of unspent fuel, smoke can easily cause undue amounts of damage to a home—quite possibly more than the flames themselves and it gets harder to remove the longer it remains, as House Logic reports.

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1. Smoke Can Destroy Property and Cause Future Fires Long After the Flames Are Extinguished

Fire and Smoke Damage RestorationEven after the fire has been dealt with, smoke leaves behind an acidic residue that easily eats away furniture finishes and can cause conditions favorable for future fires. Contact with electrical outlets can also spark an electrical fire under the right circumstances, according to the Chicora Foundation.

2. Contact With Smoke Residue Is Hazardous

Smoke residue is also a health hazard for those living at home. Contact with the skin, eyes, nose and throat can cause frequent irritations and discomfort. Contact with silverware, dishes and drinking glasses can easily cause the toxic residue to be ingested—leading to a number of health concerns over time.

3. Smoke Easily Spreads Throughout the House

Fire has the ability to remain contained in a single room. While this can cause serious property damage, it has the benefit of remaining in one area—allowing remediation services to focus their efforts while also keeping other areas in the home safe from the flames. Smoke, however, plays by different rules.

Even if the originating fire was an isolated incident, the smoke from the flames can easily travel throughout the home, leaving residue just about anywhere it happens to land. This is an even greater risk in homes that have central air conditioning and heating systems.

Smoke can access hard-to-reach areas, such as ventilation shafts, behind walls and ceilings, where it will remain and cause further damage.

Smoke Removal Services in San Francisco

Even if you may have had a small fire in the house, smoke can still be a threat. Contact Allied Restoration Company today to find out the extent of the damage. With comprehensive techniques, we can remove the presence of smoke residue from just about any surface, making sure your home is a safe and healthy place for you and your loved ones. Call us today at 415-529-5637.