Water Damage San Francisco

Water Damage: A Business Owner’s Worst Nightmare?

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Water Damage: A Business Owner’s Worst Nightmare?

A flood can be one of the most destructive forces to plague a home or place of business. It can also be one of the most
expensive; as Home Wyse reports, starting estimates for most flood repairs start at
$1,100 and can escalate quickly depending on how serious the damage is. For business owners, however, this damage can be even worse. With
items and documents important to the function of a business at risk, water damage can cause incalculable amounts of destruction.

If your place of business was recently flooded, Water Damage San Francisco don’t delay. Call Allied Restoration Company today at 415-529-5637. With expert
flood-removal techniques and Sea Cliff water-damage repair services, we’ll act quickly and
professionally so you can focus on what you need to get your business back to full operations again.

Water Damage Is Always a Sign of a Greater

Floods aren’t alone in their destruction. They
always have a cause, and it’s not just an overflow of water.

Plumbing pipes may have ruptured, water heaters
may have busted and leaks may be present in the roof or walls. Even
if the flood was the result of a severe storm, the weather is likely
to have caused some damage that allowed the water to easily build up
in the building. No matter how you look at it, dealing with the water
is only the start of a business owner’s problems.

Stock, Paperwork and Other Important Business
Property Is at Risk

For floods in the home, destruction to furniture,
paperwork, books and photographs can be heartbreaking. For
businesses, however, water damage can cause major financial losses.

For retail outfits, damage to stock is money,
quite literally, thrown out the window. For some companies, insurance
may be able to help. For antique stores, art galleries and other
shops that deal with unique items, floods can take away stock that
can never be replaced.

Even for businesses that can replace inventory and
repair property, there are still threats to vital financial documents. Even digitally stored information is at risk as water can
easily destroy computer hard drives. FEMA recommends regularly backing up important documents and storing them
in a different location to minimize the chances of complete loss.

Flood-Remediation Services for Businesses in San Francisco

Don’t let a flood bring your business to its knees. Contact Allied Restoration Company today, and learn how we can
help restore and recover damaged property including inventory and important documents. Call us at 415-529-5637.

water damage repair sea cliff san Francisco Water Damage: A Business Owner’s W...