Climate Change Threatens to Increase Flooding in San Francisco

Posted on: November 4, 2014 | By: Michael T. | floods & Rising Sea level, san francisco, water damage repair

Climate Change Threatens to Increase Flooding in San Francisco

A recent study analyzing sea levels since the 1950s shows some disturbing trends. It seems coastal cities, such as New York City, Boston and San Francisco, could seeing frequent floods as water levels continue to rise.

water damage repair san franciscoIncreased glacier melting, as well as agitated storm patterns—all results of the changing patters of climate due to greenhouse-gas emissions—are accelerating the process. While the study highlights 2100 as the year sea levels will be at their highest, scientists warn citizens of these cities could start seeing changes within the next few decades. San Francisco, in particular, is expected to see some of the most immediate change.

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New Study Warns of Increased Flooding

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s newest study shows grim news for coastal cities in the coming years. During the past 50 years, some areas have seen an overall increase in the amount of floods due to higher sea levels—as much as 400 percent in some cities.

This is especially alarming as it’s increasing what many scientists refer to as “nuisance flooding.” As opposed to major events causing large amounts of flooding, which are cleared out in a few days, this type refers to flooding that occurs even from simple rainstorms, complicating transit and causing damage to property. Both scientists and city planners are now trying to understand how this increased level of flooding, which lacks the need for a major storm, might impact daily life for citizens.

San Francisco Faces the Largest Threat of Any West Coast City

San Francisco was specifically mentioned on the report as one of the most concerning areas for this increased flooding. Quadrupled flooding amounts in recent years have made the Bay Area the only west coast city to fall in the report’s top-10 list of cities under the most threat. As SFGate reports, the only other non-east coast city present on the top-10 list was Port Isabel in Texas.

City planners are struggling to determine what this means for building and reinforcing infrastructure. If more flooding is to occur, many original plans may have to be put on hiatus until a better strategy, one that takes higher sea levels into account, is developed.

Flood-Damage Repair in San Francisco

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