You’ve Had A Fire- Now What?

Posted on: November 12, 2018 | By: Michael T. | You’ve Had A Fire- Now What?

You’ve Had A Fire- Now What?

Fires can be devastating on any property, regardless of its size. The worst that can happen from a fire may be loss of life, but that is certainly not the only potential fallout. Destruction of property after a fire is not only expensive to repair, but also disorganizing to one’s regular financial flow, not to mention the insurance problems that may come up depending on the causes of the fire.

Fire Damage Clean UpSmall fires may be easy to contain before they cause any significant damage, but there will still be issues such as smoke inhalation as well as property damage, no matter how minimal. In the wake of a fire, you would need to carry out some rehabilitation of your property. Even if the fire was quickly contained, there could be discoloration from a lot of smoke as well as lingering smoke in the house long after the fire has been put out.

Residual smoke can be absorbed into the body easily through contact causing a myriad of unforeseen problems. Moreover, smoke residue is of an acidic nature and can easily corrode items around the house as it continues to linger over time. This corrosion can affect the electrical components within the house creating more opportunities for another fire event in the future. Unfortunately, this is something that most property owners are not aware of and do not know how to handle.

After a fire event, your house may be left exposed to structural damage that may unfortunately trigger yet another fire event. This is part of the reasons why you should call in professionals to look into and mitigate fire damages afterwards. The professionals will easily be able to inspect the house thoroughly, including those areas that may not have been affected by the fire in the first place, and provide solutions to any problems that they come across.

That is the exact point where Allied Restoration Co. comes in to help. In cases where some renovation is needed, we offer some of the best-priced renovation services. We are well equipped and certified to mitigate smoke and fire damage in a way that is so efficient your house will be as good as new when we leave. We understand that getting rid of smoke residue may not be as easy as washing it off with detergent and water. That is why we offer the proper techniques as well as cleanup practices. Our smoke restoration services will leave your house totally smoke free and in a much better condition than it was in before the fire.

Part of our smoke and fire restoration process includes mitigating any water damage that may arise from the fire sprinklers and hoses that are used to put out fires. While it is obvious that in case of a fire the only thing that should be on your mind is containment, the amount of water used to achieve this may be huge, cause further damage to the other parts of the house that may not have been burning in the first place.

We at Allied Restoration Co. are equipped to anticipate these issues so that you can breathe easy. We will respond to your crisis as soon as you call and provide you with efficient fire and smoke restoration services. Our certified technicians know exactly what to do to ensure that damage to your property remains minimal and that future events are prevented by taking precautionary measures. In the event of fire damage in or around San Francisco, we are available to respond as soon as you give us a call.