After the Disaster: Business Recovery Plans

Posted on: November 11, 2018 | By: Michael T. | After the Disaster: Business Recovery Plans

After the Disaster: Business Recovery Plans

Disasters often happen when we least expect them to. The results of these events can be devastating even to people who have the financial muscle to recoup their business as fast as possible. Events such as flooding and fires can set you back by a few hundred steps and turn your life upside down in a matter of hours.

about_imgMost people are understandably left groping in the dark in the aftermath of disastrous events, not knowing what to do nor where exactly to start regrouping from. This is quite a common occurrence for which no one can really be blamed. However, this confusion does not always have to be the case. The initial reaction that one has to a disastrous event can determine just how well they navigate through the mess and get right back up on their feet.

The initial 24-hour period following a disaster are the most crucial when it comes to disaster management. This is the point at which the extent of damage can be contained and prevented from spreading into larger areas. Reacting to a disaster is not enough – it is how you react that matters more. Swinging into action without a concrete plan may lead to further damage to property, which is even worse than standing by and doing nothing.

So what exactly should you do immediately after a disaster occurs? The best course of action should be to call in professional restoration services. This is because they know exactly what steps to take immediately to first contain and prevent further damage before going on to restore what has already been damaged. Allied Restoration Co. recognizes this fact and offers elaborate disaster recovery planning services.

Some of our business recovery plans include providing effective recovery solutions from fire, water, sewage backup and smoke damage. We are available on call 24/7 because we know how important the very first few hours after a disaster are to your recovery process. Our team has the perfect blend of experience, knowledge and professionalism that enables us to come into your home or building and bring order within the shortest possible time. Most importantly, we come in to contain the disaster to prevent excessive damage.

Your properties are at the heart of our disaster recovery plans. We try to salvage as much of your assets as possible by containing the damage, effectively keeping losses to a minimum. As part of our disaster recovery planning procedures, we offer property reconstruction, structural and property restoration, restoration of the house content’s that can be salvaged, dehumidification as well as mold remediation. What’s more, we also offer document and data recovery in case of damage to electronic devices such as laptops, computers and phones.

Our response time between your call and showing up to your location is extremely swift. We take our time thoroughly assess the situation and provide our expert knowledge to determine the course of action that will ensure that the mess is cleared out fast with as little damage as possible. To manage this, we also have the best equipment for whatever kind of disaster you may have at hand. We also document all recommendations as well as the exact situation on the ground for the benefit of your insurance provider. To this end, we also provide competitively priced repair and restoration costs for your insurer.

All over San Francisco we have been providing disaster recovery plans for over two decades. At Allied Restoration Co. we know exactly what we are doing when we say we will help you bounce back from your disaster like it never happened. All you need to do is give us a call and set the ball rolling.