Water Damaged Buildings San Francisco

Posted on: October 15, 2014 | By: Michael T. | condo water damage drying, emergency management, flood caused by broken pipes and earthquakes, san francisco, water damaged buildings

Water damaged buildings San Francisco

The magnificent buildings of San Francisco and the surrounding valley have survived some pretty intense natural disasters over the years. Storm surges off the the Pacific, floods and mudslides from the Bolinas Ridge to the Ring Mountain and the inevitable ruptured water mains resulting from minor earthquakes. Water damage can even come from fire and rescue procedures. Water gives life to the Bay Area, but it can also turn deadly without warning.

emergency disaster recovery responseBuildings that have been damaged by water require an entirely different level of care and restoration. Water damage repair costs can include replacing the contents of the property or even structural reconstitution at the design level. Before you attempt to estimate your repair costs or allow the insurance company to tell you what they want to cover, contact us for a thorough investigation and report. Health and safety regulations play a very important role in making sure the restoration is done in the most effective means possible while making sure no one is exposed to contaminated substances.Very often, the disaster site requires unique modifications due to the properties of the structural assemblies that have been affected. If the possibility exists that dangerous chemicals may have been released in the process, the surrounding areas will need to be inspected and treated as well. This is often referred to as mitigation when the damage can be controlled but not completely eradicated.

Please remember DO NOT use shop vacs, newspapers or commercial carpet drying equipment on your own as this only spreads the water damage to baseboards and underlying structures. Quick response is absolutely critical in this area because immediate drying is necessary to prevent to spread of mold, bacteria and other environmental agents affected by moisture build-up. We answer your call day or night, whenever the disaster occurs.

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