The Basic Steps of Fire and Water Restoration

Posted on: March 29, 2021 | By: Michael T. | Uncategorized

Having to take on a fire and water restoration project on your home or business is enough to cause stress in anyone’s life. Even with today’s technology and the advancements in fire suppression, people’s lives are still upended by disasters such as fires each year.

Hopefully, this type of crisis never happens to you, but if it does, you’ll need to know the basic steps of fire and water restoration for your home or business. Follow along as we layout these essential steps in getting your property whole again.

Understand the Stress Will Pass
Having a disaster occur will change your routine in the short term and impact how you look at life in the long term. Go into a stressful situation with the mantra that any stress you are feeling over having damage caused to your home or business will soon pass. The saying goes: The one constant in life is change.

Contact Your Insurance Company
One of the first steps you should take is to contact your insurance company about any damage to your home or business. It is imperative that someone from the insurance company acts as soon as possible to help get your life back in order.

If they say they must first come and make an audit before acting, get them to at least agree to allow you to begin the water removal process with a professional company if they are going to take more than that day before visiting. You only have a few hours to begin to act with water damage, and removing it must be on the top of your list.

Hire a Professional Post Fire and Water Restoration Company
After fire and water damage, time is your enemy. Unless you have training and equipment to take care of the disaster on your own and in a short amount of time, hire professionals to do the job. Professional restoration companies have everything needed to get your home or business back to a safe condition before the disaster occurred.

Find a Safe Place to Stay
Even if your home has a livable section, you should probably look for another place to stay, at least temporarily. Your home will soon be the scene of a cleanup and restoration project. Separating yourself from the discomfort of watching this happen may be best with having a safe place to get away to and avoid the hassle.

Not only will your home be a busy place, but until it is known if you have any water in your electrical system, it is a good idea to sleep somewhere else until you are sure it is safe.

Sort Through What You Can Save
Work with a professional company to save as much property as you can. Insurance can replace furniture and accessories, but things like heirlooms and other items necessary to you may need special care to recover from fire and water damage. Be sure to communicate with the restoration company on what is vital for saving from your home or business.