Staying Safe Before Water Cleanup Crews Arrive

Posted on: March 29, 2021 | By: Michael T. | Uncategorized

If you are experiencing flooding in your home, whether it is due to plumbing issues, the weather, fire-fighting techniques, or other reasons, the safest thing you can do is contact a water cleanup crew. The situation may be causing a lot of emotions and thoughts, but it is important to take the precautions necessary to remain safe until the water cleanup crews arrive.

Caution When Entering
Depending on the situation and amount of water in your home, the safest option may be to wait for the water cleanup crews outside your home. When examining your property, you should look out for electrical hazards. Avoid touching any electrical equipment that may have come in contact with water. If it is possible to do so without walking through the water, turn off the main source of power.

If you are waiting for the water cleanup crew outside of your home and the cause of the flood was due to weather conditions outside, be cautious of any downed electrical lines.

You should avoid walking through anything more than a puddle, as you may not be able to tell how deep the water truly is. Additionally, you may not be able to see what is in the water, which could lead to cuts and puncture woods from dangerous debris. The water could also be contaminated with chemicals and germs that could make you sick if exposed. You and your family should evacuate your home via the safest route and wait in a dry place for the cleanup crew.

Make Contact with Help
Once you are safely out of your home, you should contact your insurance company if you have not already. Your insurance company should be able to explain what your homeowners insurance policy will cover.

In addition to calling your insurance company, you should try to find a place to stay. You will not want to live in your home until it has been inspected and confirmed as being safe. There could be water damage, mold, or other hazards that need to be cleaned before you move back in.

Try to stay hydrated and rest while water cleanup crews are on their way. Stressful situations can cause anxiety that is draining, so it is important to remain as calm as possible so you can think clearly and make good decisions.

Stay Safe
If the amount of water in your home is minimal and you can safely stay in your home, you may still be waiting for the water cleanup crew to assess the damage and restore anything that may be compromised or exposed to contaminated water. If this is the case, some of the things you can do to help stay safe in your home include:

  • Try to stop the source of water flooding if possible or contact who you may need to stop the source of the flooding, such as a plumber.
  • Turn on the air conditioning during warm weather to accelerate drying.
  • Remove any loose items from the floor that have not already gotten wet but are in danger of getting wet.
  • Remove the water by mopping.

If you are experiencing flooding in your home and are still unsure what to do, contact your local authorities and ask for advice.