Roof Repair Tips: 3 Ways to Respond to a Leak

Posted on: April 8, 2015 | By: Michael T. | Uncategorized

3 Roof Repair Tips That Can Save You Money

Granules blocking the gutters, water stains spotting the ceiling, missing shingles and leaky roofs—these problems signal major roofing issues. Popular Mechanics advises fixing these problems before they escalate and cripple your finances. However, if your roof is already leaking, be sure to act quickly to avoid emergency water damage repair.

A leaky roof allows rainwater into your property, which damagesHomeowner’s Insurance Claims Frequently Asked Questions San Francisco your roof structure, carpets, ceilings and floors. Water entering your electrical system threatens your family’s safety.

Allied Restoration Company has a team of roof experts available 24/7 for such an emergency. Call 415-529-5637 for professional advice, immediate help or roof repair in San Francisco.

If your roof is leaking, then here are three ways to respond:

1. Understand why your roof is leaking.

Roofs leak for many reasons, especially when battered by the Bay Area’s weather. Earthquakes, hailstorms, high winds and even fallen trees cause roof leaks. Missing or compromised chimney flashing often causes roof leaks, and broken or repositioned shingles are also commonly responsible.

2. Identify any other potential leaks.

If you see a water stain or yellow area anywhere on your ceiling, water pools there after it rains. One leak is unpleasant enough so look for other weak spots that may potentially leak in the future. If you find any new leaks, call an emergency roof repair team to deal with it immediately. Check your attic and look for missing shingles in your yard.

3. Call a professional.

Leaky roofs cause complex problems. Usually beginning with damaged or missing shingles, or compromised chimney flashing, water penetrates the wood of your roof’s structure, pools above the ceiling and finally breaks through into your home. This takes time, and rot typically sets in as well. You need a professional roofing contractor to inspect this damage and identify any other leaks.

Roof Repair in San Francisco

If the damage is extensive to your roof, you may need to replace it. Additionally, you will likely require some water damage repair.

Allied Restoration Company will send an emergency team to stop the leak until a full roof repair is possible. Our contractors are insured and IIRC certified. Call 415-529-5637 if your roof is leaking, and we will send an experienced, qualified expert to fix the problem on time and within budget.