5 Hot Trends in Bathroom Remodeling

Posted on: April 9, 2015 | By: Michael T. | Uncategorized

Bathroom Remodeling Trends That Can Add Value to Your Home

Many Bay Area homes feature 1970s building trends. They typically have drafty windows, squeaky floors, debatable plumbing and small bathrooms.

According to Angie’s List, people use tricks of the trade to make Homeowner’s Insurance Claims Frequently Asked Questions San Franciscotheir 5-by-8-foot bathrooms roomier. Over the last three decades, newer homes offer increasingly bigger bath areas.

If your bathroom causes claustrophobia, remodel to make it appear much bigger. At the same time, deal with any dampness and mold growth from inefficient plumbing.

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Here are five of the latest trends in bathroom remodeling:

1. Rich, Dark Colors

To transport your bathroom from the 1980s into the present, many homeowners choose contemporary Asian designs. Any bulky, space-consuming bathroom appliances deserve removal, and you can replace them with a Japanese stepped chest or other space-saving cabinets, and pedestal baths. Using dark, rich colors creates an illusion of receding walls, visually enlarging the small space.

2. Ambient Lighting

Many homeowners get rid of small closets to open up space, and they are also using lighting to create an illusion of larger space. Ambient and task lighting, if placed correctly, does an excellent job of enlarging a tiny area. Lighting offers many creative opportunities. Some people also use stones to create playful pathways, and shallow cabinets with optimized lighting widen narrow bathrooms.

3. Horizontal Lines

Continuing horizontal lines makes a small bathroom appear bigger. You can increase this illusion with large, frameless mirrors and task lighting. Dividing walls provide modesty and an opportunity for recessed storage, but more important, a shower without a curbed entry significantly enlarges the space, especially if it has glass doors because it eliminates any demarcation of the area.

4. Simple Space

Some homeowners prefer to keep their bathroom remodeling small and simple, especially for guest bathrooms. Maximize usable space with curved-front sinks and double-extension drawers, and you can open a cluttered space with a beautiful bath of your choosing.

5. Zen Concept

Some bathrooms are tiny, and to make it worse, they often come with several eyesores, such as aluminum-framed, off-center windows. If you have this problem, a full-length Shoji screen hides the flaw and still lets light through, and the bathroom will appear bigger if this light falls on a wall-to-wall mirror that reflects existing space. Ladder towel racks and similar accessories use no floor space.

Expert Bathroom Remodeling in San Francisco

If you want to maximize the space of a small bathroom, hide attention-grabbing flaws, or fix plumbing, mold or flooding problems call Allied Restoration Company at 415-529-5637 to discuss how to incorporate hot trends into your bathroom remodeling plans. Our professional team has remodeled countless bathrooms throughout our 15 years of service.