Record Rains Hit the Bay Area, Causing Severe Floods

Posted on: January 29, 2015 | By: Michael T. | Uncategorized

Record Rains Hit the Bay Area, Causing Severe Floods 

One of the most attractive aspects of California life is the weather. While other locations face sweltering summers and bitter winters, cities like San Francisco have become notable for their favorable temperatures.

Water Damge Clean up in Fairfax, CAAccording to the New York Times, however, the end of 2014 brought some uncharacteristic weather conditions for residents of the Bay Area. Record-breaking snow and rainfall caused damage to both public and private property.

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Potential for Serious Disaster 

Though an average rainstorm typically creates conditions conducive to accidents on roads and sidewalks, the storms that hit San Francisco in December created some additional concerns. Homeowners situated on hills were at particular risk as rising waters softened dirt and land, making mudslides a dangerous potentiality.

Flooded highways made for difficult commutes to and from work for many residents. With some areas experiencing close to 10 inches of rain, many roadways were shut down, with traffic diverted to safer routes.

Lessons in Disaster Preparation 

Situations like this are stark reminders of the importance of preparing for disaster. While there is no need to brace for the apocalypse, simple preparation can go a long way in keeping homeowners and their families safe during harsh and difficult storms. 

To start, it is important to cover the basics; storing food and water is a top priority. It is a smart idea to store at least a week’s worth of canned and non-perishable foods. Having a few gallons of clean water is also important. 

Because storms can easily knock out electricity, it is critical to have access to flashlights with fresh batteries. Candles, while helpful, should be a secondary option because they can start a fire. Having a battery-powered radio on hand to hear weather and emergency broadcasts is also considerably helpful. 

Flood Repair and Disaster Planning in San Francisco 

Floods are not the only cause of property damage during a storm. Harsh winds and lightning, as well as other factors, also pose serious threats.

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