How Fire Damage Nearly Destroyed Three Homes in San Francisco

Posted on: January 28, 2015 | By: Michael T. | Uncategorized

How Fire Damage Nearly Destroyed Three Homes in San Francisco 

A serious fire recently devastated a Portero Hill home while damaging two other adjacent properties. Thankfully, as CBS reports, no human casualties or injuries occurred as the flames caused devastating amounts of damage. Unfortunately, the flames destroyed two homes.

Fire and smoke cleaningIt took nearly 4 hours for firefighters to extinguish the blaze. For residents in the area, this serves as a reminder of the importance of fire prevention.

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Residents Report Homeowners Were Away on Vacation 

One reason why few fires lead to major devastation is that witnesses notice the flames before they spread. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. When residents of a home are not around to call emergency services, the fire can spread quickly. This, unfortunately, was one reason why the San Francisco fire damaged so many properties.

Fire Prevention 101 

Sometimes, a fire can be completely unpredictable, and no amount of preparation can prevent it. There are, however, some basic steps that homeowners can take to reduce the chances of a fire. 

The first step is being mindful of anything in the home that is flammable or prone to starting fires. This includes stoves, fireplaces, candles and smoking materials.

Make it a rule never to leave a stove unattended; the same is true of candles. Those who choose to smoke cigarettes or cigars should restrict the activity to outside the home where the risk of fire from an unattended ashtray is significantly lower. Cigarette butts, matches and other items should be wet prior to disposal. 

As well, homeowners should be careful when operating space-heaters. These devices, when used improperly or left alone, can quickly start fires. The same is true of actual fireplaces. 

Fire Repair Services in San Francisco 

If you are the victim of a recent house fire, or if you want to learn more about fire prevention, contact Allied Restoration Co. We can assess the damage and restore your property, and with our disaster planning services, we can help prevent similar accidents from happening in the future. Call us for a free estimate at 415-529-5637.