New Water Tunnel in San Francisco Should Reduce Backups and Flooding

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New Water Tunnel in San Francisco Should Reduce Backups and Flooding 

Flooding and sewage backups are problems in almost every city that has a plumbing system. However, few cities are as prone to floods as San Francisco.

Water Damage Clean UpThis is mainly due to San Francisco’s aged sewer system. The problem has cost taxpayers countless dollars in repairs and maintenance. Fortunately, a new water tunnel may relieve some of the stress on the city’s drainage system.

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New Technology in Water Tunnels Graces the Bay Area 

Residents of San Francisco who understand plumbing are likely familiar with some of the various challenges the city has faced when it comes to water management. Due to the use of clay pipes, which are very susceptible to damage from tree roots and other geological activity, sewage leaks are more common in the Bay Area than in many other areas across the country. 

These problems often become most apparent after heavy rains flood the local sewer system. Unable to cope with the immense amount of water and debris rushing through the pipes, major floods and sewage clogs are often the results. 

As a part of the continuing initiative to solve this problem, the new tunnel will improve water conditions in the city and protect against damage from tectonic activity in the San Andreas Fault, according to SF Gate. As opposed to a more traditional water tunnel design, this new system offers more robust protection against outside forces that would ordinarily cause serious issues.

Residents hope the new addition will be the start of some serious changes in public water management in the Bay Area. Many outspoken community groups have been highlighting the flaws of the city’s sewer system for several years. 

Flood Repair Services in San Francisco 

While this new tunnel will lead to some vast improvements in public water management, flood damage and sewer backups will always be a serious concern for home- and business owners. Fortunately, Allied Restoration Co. can be there to get the job done quickly and professionally. Call us today at 415-529-5637 for a free estimate.