Flood Damage in San Francisco

How Much Flood Damage Can a Few Inches of Water Really Cause?

How Much Flood Damage Can a Few Inches of Water Really Cause?

There’s no question about it: Flood damage is a serious problem in San Francisco. According to Floodsmart.gov, all homes are technically at risk for a flood. Even minor flooding can destroy property, priceless belongings and documents.

Flood Damage in San FranciscoMany assume that nothing more than a wet-vac and a mop will address minor floods. The truth, however, is that standing water is a serious problem that can lead to mold growth, damage to a home’s foundation and a range of other issues. This is why a professional inspection is almost always necessary.

If a recent storm, plumbing or roofing problem has caused a flood in your home, contact Allied Restoration Co. for flood repair in San Francisco. With prompt response and professional techniques, clients throughout the Bay Area trust us to restore their property and belongings. Call us today at 415-529-5637 to schedule a visit.

Water Damages Property Quickly 

Floodwater can destroy property within seconds. Even 1 inch of water can damage flooring, furniture and carpet. This is especially true for wooden property. 

Flood damage to drywall and other structurally important parts of a house is another major concern. Again, even a small amount of water can damage drywall. When this happens, prompt response is especially important as the water may have compromised the structural integrity of the building. 

Floodwater Often Contains Harmful Substances 

Floodwater usually contains chemicals, toxins, bacteria and debris. Not only does this make the water more likely to cause property damage, but it also puts building inhabitants at risk. Bacterial infections and mold outbreaks are common after severe floods, which is another reason why a professional response is best. 

Water Increases the Risk of Mold and Other Complications

It doesn’t take much water for an area to become favorable for mold growth. First, water can seep through walls, traveling to hard-to-reach areas where mold can grow and spread.

Also, a few inches of water can substantially raise the ambient humidity of a room, which encourages mold growth.

Flood Repair in San Francisco

Floodwater can be an absolute nightmare for business- and homeowners. Unfortunately, it is a common issue that affects thousands of California residents every year.

If you have fallen victim to floodwater, we can help. For complete water removal and flood repair in San Francisco, trust the experts at Allied Restoration Co. Call now for a free estimate at 415-529-5637.

How Much Flood Damage Can a Few Inches of Water Really Cause? There’s no q...