Lawsuit Could Expand Water Restrictions in Sea Cliff

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Water Restrictions in Sea Cliff

Lawsuit Could Expand Water Restrictions in Sea Cliff

Environmental laws are never without theirwater
intricacy and, oftentimes, controversy. Citing the mandates of the
Endangered Species Act (ESA), a nonprofit activist group has filed a
lawsuit in regard to the distribution of water in San Francisco.

The organization claims the effect of the Hetch
Hetchy Valley Reservoir on salmon populations violates the ESA. This
situation could lead to a number of new water restrictions placed on
the Bay Area.

In the Interest of Fairness

Signed into law in the early 1970s by Richard
Nixon, the Endangered Species Act sought to restore much of the
wildlife that was being put at risk by continued development of U.S.
cities. One of the primary stipulations of the law concerns water
usage and distribution.

Though many organisms have been successfully
removed from the list of endangered species, the ESA has not been
without its share of controversy and criticism. The Act has led to
restrictions that affect California farmers. The lawsuit alleges thewater sea cliff san francisco
Hetch Hetchy Valley Reservoir violates those same water restrictions.

Controversy Over the Hetch Hetchy Valley

The reservoir provides water to the nearly 3
million citizens of San Francisco. The lawsuit claims local
endangered species of salmon are under threat due to the increased
salinity as a result of diverted water. According to The Fresno Bee, this area has been a point of contention for many
years now.

While it seems the Center for Environmental
Science, the group filing the lawsuit, has the interests of the
environment at the forefront, other experts aren’t as convinced, as SFGate
reports. The Center for Biological Diversity, in particular, isn’t
buying the legitimacy of the lawsuit.

Referring to the group as “shadowy” and
un-environmental, the executive director of the Center for Biological
Diversity has pointed to previous lawsuits that follow a similar
pattern and seem to be attempts at demonstrating the extremities of
environmental regulations.

Should the lawsuit pan out in favor of the Center
for Environmental Science, it’s clear that water distribution in
San Francisco might undergo some serious changes.

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Environmental laws are never without theirwater intricacy and, oftentimes, contr...