How Homeowners Can Benefit From Sea Cliff Professional Mold Testing

Sea Cliff Professional Mold Testing

How Homeowners Can Benefit From Professional Mold Testingmoldtesting-san-francisco

The symptoms of mold in the house aren’t always as apparent as one
might expect—nor are the risks associated with removing mold. In
the interests of budget, many homeowners actually risk making the
problem worse by choosing not to consult with a professional service
about the proper way to eliminate mold in the house. Off-the-shelf
products and DIY cleanup methods can pose health risks to the entire


If you live in Sea Cliff and have discovered mold in your house,
contact Allied Restoration Company today. Our Sea Cliff mold-testing specialists only use the most effective
techniques to find the outbreak and eliminate it on the spot. Inexperienced mold removal is always a risk and can actually help
spores spread easier. Call us today at 415-529-5637 to learn more about Sea Cliff professional mold testing.


Mold Testing Reveals More Than Spores

Professional mold testing not only involves locating the spores;
it also aims to find the initial cause of the outbreak. More often
than not, mold grows as a result of unattended mold damage—often
without the homeowner’s knowledge. By having a professional team
pinpoint where spores are growing, the site of the water damage can
be found and addressed.

Sea Cliff Mold Remediation Leads to a Healthier Home

While most are familiar with mold’s bothersome odor, not as many
are aware of its health risks. Homeowners with mold typically report
consistent allergic reactions—even when it’s not a season usually
associated with allergies

Asthma sufferers, the elderly and children are at a higher health
risk. Mold, according to the EPA, triggers more frequent and more severe asthma attacks. It also
compromises the breathing capacity for elderly people and can even
cause respiratory illnesses later in life for children, according to the CDC.
By eradicating mold, those living at home can all breathe a bit easier and healthier.

Professional Mold Testing Is a Thorough Process

Many off-the-shelf cleaners can’t eliminate mold. The trick is
not killing the spores on site but actually making sure there are no
surfaces that would support mold growth. Professional mold testing
can assess an entire house, find the source and kill all growing mold
sites with proper techniques and trade-tools that are mostly
unavailable to the average homeowner.

Mold Remediation and Testing in Sea Cliff, San Francisco

Don’t go another day with mold in your home. Contact the
remediation experts at Allied Restoration Company today at
415-529-5637. Our experienced and capable team can provide follow-up
tests and remediation services to ensure the problem stays gone.

Sea Cliff Professional Mold Testing How Homeowners Can Benefit From Professional...