Flood Damage San Francisco

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Recent Flood Damage Has San Francisco Residents Demanding Change 

California’s weather is one of its great appeals. With favorable temperatures and little rain, the state has attracted residents from other regions who are tired of dealing with shifting, unpredictable and difficult weather. This past month, however, saw a very uncharacteristic shift in weather that has driven many residents to demand some serious changes.

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Floods Threaten 26 Homes in the Bay Area

As SF Gate reports, more than two-dozen homes faced record flooding. Damage from raw sewage and water drove some residents out of their homes temporarily. The cost of damages reached more than $1 million, and residents had not seen destruction of this level since 2004.

It was 10 years ago that the city promised residents a similar incident would not happen again. But the lack of follow-through caused a vocal outcry among residents who are demanding serious changes as they feel their voices and concerns are not being heard.

The neighborhood surrounding Cayuga Avenue faces some distinct challenges when it comes to flood prevention. First, it is a low-lying area that allows water to build up quick. Most cities tend to find inventive solutions to similar problems, but given the little amount of rain San Francisco faces, this issue can become an afterthought pretty easily. 

Another problem facing not just Cayuga Avenue but also much of San Francisco is the fact that the city’s century-old sewer system just isn’t up to standards. Add to that the fact that many of San Francisco’s sewer systems still use old clay pipes, and it’s a flood-prone combination that threatens countless Bay Area homes. 

Residents Still Unhappy With City Response 

Fixing a 100-year-old sewer system is no easy task, and it is one that is at least understandable for most. But this is not the only concern among residents. They are also disappointed with city officials who failed to notify homeowners that they were eligible for state aid to cover the damages.

Overall, the city is acknowledging that some long-term solutions need to be put in place. Whether this requires a change to city planning or a complete overhaul of the public sewers remains to be seen.

Flood Recovery and Raw Sewage Cleanup in San Francisco 

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