Fire Prevention How to Avoid Disaster

Posted on: January 19, 2015 | By: Michael T. | fire damage clean up, fire smoke remediation, fire sprinkler flood

Taking Fire Prevention Seriously: 4 Ways to Avoid Disaster

Fire Damage Clean UpA fire can be one of the most frightening prospects for any home or business owner. It’s no secret: Fire can spread quickly, reducing property to ashes in what seems like no time at all.

Repairs can be extensive and costly, especially when you factor in the lingering effects of smoke damage. Taking proactive steps to reduce the chance of an out-of-control fire is one of the smartest investments of time and money for any property owner.

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Here are four of the most important and common approaches to fire prevention:

1. Come up with a solid fire escape plan. 

While this may not actually prevent a fire, a reliable fire escape plan can save lives. According to the Red Cross, most people only have a window of 2 minutes to escape; it is critical that you have a plan for you and your family.

Make sure everyone understands the best exit routes, and practice fire drills at least once or twice per year. If an accident does occur, no one wants to be caught off guard.

Homes can be rebuilt, but some injuries leave permanent reminders—and no one can come back to life.

2. Install and maintain smoke alarms.

Having a working smoke alarm is one of the most effective measures a homeowner can take when it comes to fire safety. It is best to place them in every bedroom possible, as well as outside of sleeping areas. Never place a smoke alarm near a window or air duct because this can interfere with how the device functions. 

3. Schedule yearly inspections of your electrical system. 

Electrical fires are becoming more common as electronic devices become increasingly popular; extension cords, power adaptors and devices left plugged in can easily start a fire if they are damaged or not property maintained.

It is worthwhile to schedule a home inspection with an electrician at least once per year to spot any faulty wiring or other issues that may lead to a potential accident.

4. Avoid clutter. 

Housekeeping is hard work, and sometimes, everyone could use a little tidying up around the house. Too much of a mess, however, can cause a fire.

Loose papers, unkempt electrical cords and other objects can easily burn. Keeping a house clean can make all the difference.

Fire and Smoke Repair in San Francisco 

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