Deck Repair: When to Fix and When to Replace

Posted on: April 11, 2015 | By: Michael T. | Uncategorized

Is Deck Repair the Best Option?

Most Bay Area homeowners know the importance of inspecting and maintaining their deck on a regular basis. According to HGTV, yearly deck repair increases the lifespan of a deck, and if neglected, every deck succumbs to the weather. Wind, rain, cold, heat, floods, earthquakes and whatever else Mother Nature throws at San Francisco can cause damage to your deck over time.

If your deck is old, it needs some attention, particularly if you have Custom Deck Building & Repair San Francisconot performed any maintenance on it for several years. Allied Restoration Company can assess the condition of your deck and make it safe for you and your family.

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To find out if your deck needs replacement or repair, check for any of these issues:

Inspect your deck posts and their bases.

Deck posts often show signs of rot. As builders cement deck posts into the ground, dirt accumulates around the bases over time and enables water to pool there when it rains. Eventually, standing water weakens a deck post and invites rot to settle at the base.

Replace any deck posts that display signs of rot immediately to avoid injury if it falls or shifts while someone is standing on it.

Inspect the wood underneath the deck.

Check for rotting wood beneath the deck itself. Signs of rot often show in the joists between decking boards, particularly near the nails and screws that hold them in place. Family Handyman explains that water sits around nail and screw heads, eventually penetrating the joists below and the actual decking boards.

Look for signs of mold, and check for soft wood with your fingers. If there is any rot, the wood breaks easily under a gentle touch. Water stains indicate the onset of rot.

Inspect your deck railing for rot.

After years of exposure to San Francisco’s weather, deck railings often succumb to rot, as well. Rain, wind, heat and cold cause wood to crack and warp over time. Water settles in these cracks and damages the heart of the wood, where it can cause significant destruction. Children climb on railings, and adults lean or sit on them, and, if weakened rails break, it causes injury.

Inspect the surface of your deck for damage.

Years of weathering, exposure to the elements and foot traffic causes deck surfaces to twist, warp and crack. This occurs naturally, but special treatments and water sealants slow the process. As wood ages, signs of wear and tear become evident, and you may need to replace damaged boards to prevent them breaking free of their support system. In many cases, the entire deck surface needs replacing, especially those attached to old, neglected homes.

Decks create beautiful, practical additions that enhance the space of any property, but they require regular maintenance to prevent rot and water erosion from destroying the whole deck. Frequent inspections and yearly wood treatments and sealants increase the value of your investment.

Deck Building in San Francisco

If you detect multiple signs of rot in any of the above-mentioned places, it may be best to replace your deck. However, if rot only affects a few boards or railings, then a few simple repairs should fix the problem. If you are unsure what to look for, call Allied Restoration Company at 415-529-5637 to inspect your deck.