6 Tips for Handling Property Damage Claims in Tiburon

Posted on: November 4, 2014 | By: Michael T. | fair claim handeling, insurance, property damage

Property damage insurance handling Tiburon

Homeowners in Tiburon are still reeling from the earthquake that shook Napa Valley on Aug. 24. The estimated damage has reached $1 billion, and the region is scrambling to recover their losses. According to Business Week, 88 percent of homeowners do not have earthquake insurance. The 12 percent that do are filing insurance claims for property damage.

Unfortunately, claiming insurance can be a bit of a process. Consumers expect relief from their insurance providers, but they are not always as successful as they should be. With the next big earthquake likely to strike the area again within three decades, it is advisable to secure your property as best you can. For advice on how to prevent the worst of the damage, call Allied Restoration Company on 415-529-5637. When dealing with your insurance company, follow these steps to help you receive the payout you deserve:

property damage claim tips. 1. Request an Advance

If a home evacuation was immediately necessary, it is likely that you did not have time to take essential items with you. These objects can be replaced through your homeowner’s insurance policy, so request an advance to be deducted off your eventual payout.

2. Mitigate Damages to Your Property

It is vital that you take steps to minimize further damage from occurring. Turn off all water points, gas pipes, or anything else that may make the situation worse. Usually, your insurance company will cover the cost of temporary repairs when your claim is made.

3. Make Sure Your Claim Is Filed Immediately

The sooner you report your losses, the faster the process will go. Call your agent or email them. If you are slow about filing a claim, the company’s insurance adjuster will take longer to investigate the loss, and you will be on a long waiting list. Record all communications.

4. Request Prompt Action

It is good practice for companies to handle claims within 30 days. You are legally entitled to your payout within that time too, provided there is no dispute. If there is any unjust delay, write a formal letter and send it to the California Department of Insurance as well.

5. Record All Living Expenses

The “loss of use” clause in your policy provides coverage for living expenses while your house is evacuated. This means that you will be paid the difference in costs for living elsewhere; from food to clothes.

6. Hire a Public Insurance Adjuster

If your losses were big, a public adjuster will help you receive the maximum payout possible. Insurance companies have their own adjusters, who look for flaws in your claim. Having someone on your side, that is fluent in insurance language, is a real advantage.

With so many people suffering property damage in Tiburon, it is wise to be thorough in your quest to win compensation from your insurance company. Remember that these companies are dealing with a large number of claims, and you want to get your life back on track as soon as possible. For those without earthquake or homeowners insurance, there are ways to save money on annual premiums. To find out how, call Allied Restoration Company on 415-529-5637.