Wet Warped Floor Drying

Wet Warped Floor Drying

If you have experienced a water overflow event in your home or office its key to act quickly.


Make sure you understand if your wood floor is engineered wood or real wood. If its real wood flooring there’s a good chance it can be saved.

Allied Restoration Co Inc has the proper tools and equipment  to save wood floors. We utilize state of the art “rescue mats”

This is a procedure where moisture is rapidly extracted from the wood surface and dry air is introduced in order to increase the rate of evaporation.

We utilize commercial drying equipment to dry wood flooring before it starts to buckle heavily .moisture-meter-wood-floor-wet

Once wood floors have been dried they usually must be sanded and refinished.

Wood floor refinishing services

We have experience turning a disastrous situation into a cosmedrying-wood-floors-air-movementtic improvement.

If you have damaged wood floors we can refinish them and make them look as good as new!

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