Walnut hardwood floors services

Walnut Hardwood Floor Installation, Repair and Refinishing in San Francisco

Walnut is a naturally impressive hardwood floor material that offers a bold presence. It is as strong and resilient as other woods, and its darker color creates a distinct look that complements many commercial and residential interiors—especially those with dark-colored furniture.

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Why Choose Walnut Hardwood for Your Home or Business?


Although walnut hardwood is darker in color than other materials, it can still liven up a room with an audacious and natural beauty. It can accent lighter woods, so it will work for room additions that connect to other types of hardwood floors.

Walnut is typically straight, but different cuts can offer a more burled appearance. Its dark color is a great choice for business owners who find lighter woods to be a bit too harsh, or even utilitarian. As a highly durable wood, walnut is perfect for stores that experience frequent traffic.

Walnut Hardwood Floors Are Easy to Maintain

Walnut is similar to most hardwood floors in that it requires very specific, though simple, care and maintenance. Responsible care will help you get the most longevity out of your flooring, as well as preserve its aesthetic appeal.

Regular cleaning is essential to prevent dirt and dust from getting into the seams and scratching the surface of the finish. Over time, dirt and debris can erode the floor and lead to an unsightly appearance.

Cleaning walnut floors is easy. A broom can remove most dirt, and a soft-tipped vacuum extension can tackle more demanding tasks. It is best to avoid harsh chemicals such as ammonia and oil soaps. Instead, ask your contractor how to clean stains or spills, because different finishes will have specific requirements to protect and preserve the hardwood.

Walnut, given its darker color, is more susceptible to damage from direct sunlight. Because it absorbs more of the light, prolonged exposure can potentially lead to warping over time, and UV rays can dull the luster of the wood and finish. It is best to have heavy curtains drawn over windows during the hours when the sun is the most intense.

After a new installation, avoid walking on the wood for at least two days while the finish dries. For best results, wait at least two weeks to a month before placing furniture in the room, and use felt pads under the feet of chairs and tables to prevent scratching.

Disaster Recovery for Walnut Hardwood Floors

After a flood, every second counts when it comes to saving property—especially hardwood floors. Floodwater often contains contaminants and dirt that can quickly wear down a finish and damage the wood underneath.

Allied Restoration Company’s full-service disaster response team can quickly remove the water and use industry-standard techniques to preserve the wood. We can dry the area and apply professional dehumidification, which prevents mold growth and further damage to property.

Walnut Hardwood Floor Services in San Francisco

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