UCLA Water Main Break Causes Major Water Damage

Posted on: November 4, 2014 | By: Michael T. | Disaster Plan, Emergnecy Services, Water Damage Restoration Pre Plan

Water Damage Disaster pre-planning San Francisco

UCLA Water Main Breaks Causing Major Water Damage

If you are a facilities manager you should talk to a Disaster Restoration Company about Pre-Planning

Disaster Restoration Pre planning can be important because you pre determine a point of contact if the need arises for those particular services. In this case the restoration is on call when ever you need them. Pre negotiate pricing, making sure that proper named additional insureds are in place, the right amount of coverage, and deductible is known.

You’ll be much more prepared for an unknown flood or water damage that may be around the corner.

  • Pre- negotiated pricing
  • Pre- determined contract
  • Named additional insured for protection
  • More efficient work flow saving time and money
  • Get to know your restoration company instead of “shot gun wedding”
  • Have peace of mind if the unthinkable occurs.

Learn more about water damage emergency services pre planning by contacting Allied Restoration Co Inc