San Rafael Fire Damage Repair

ARC: Your Source for San Rafael Fire Damage Repair

Fire is an incredibly devastating force. It takes just a few minutes for a small fire to engulf a building, and the damage and destruction can be an extremely stressful experience.

Fire Damage RestorationIf you are a property owner, it is critical that you respond to the fire as quickly as possible to limit the damage and prevent ongoing destruction. Aside from the obvious structural damage caused by flames, there are other less obvious hazards to keep in mind. In particular, smoke and water damage cause an ongoing headache if you do not handle the cleanup process correctly.

Even though a fire can be a stressful and overwhelming event, California property owners are not alone. At Allied Restoration Company, we offer a comprehensive and affordable fire damage restoration service. Call us today at 415-529-5637 to schedule an inspection.

San Rafael Fire Damage Clean Up

Restoring a property to its previous state after a fire may seem like an impossible task, but with the right approach, you can limit or reverse the damage. The most important factors when cleaning up after a fire are a prompt response time and using an experienced and qualified repair team.

With the correct approach, you can reverse some of your property’s fire damage. It is important that the company you contact uses the right techniques and tools for the job. At ARC, our technicians have the necessary licenses and certifications. We are able to assess all of the property damage and can create a customized repair plan given the circumstances of your particular fire.

If you respond quickly and contact ARC after a fire, we may be able to restore valuable furniture, key structural components of your building, and even documents, photographs and books. Our San Rafael fire damage cleanup team can also evaluate water damage from fire hoses. Many people do not realize just how much damage this water can cause, and it is critical that you tackle this issue before mold and rot set in.

When to Contact a Fire Remediation Service

Even if your property fire was small and contained, it is always advisable to get a professional assessment. All fires can cause serious structural damage, but there are other hidden dangers to be aware of. Aside from water-related issues, smoke is a serious concern following a fire. Lingering smoke spreads to the far reaches of the building, and it can cause long-term respiratory issues and erode surfaces. It can also create conditions that may lead to a subsequent fire.

At ARC, we understand that no two fires are alike. This is why we visit each property in question and draw up a specific action plan. Our comprehensive and professional approach means we can surpass your fire recovery expectations. You can sit back and know that the restoration process is in good hands.

Smoke Damage Repair Services

Many property owners are unaware of the potential damage that smoke can cause. While the flames are dramatic and can cause significant damage, smoke can be equally destructive. If you do not tackle the lingering smoke after a fire, you cannot be certain that your house is safe for habitation. This is why the ARC team takes smoke damage very seriously.

Smoke spreads throughout a property in a matter of minutes. It can reach areas that you may not expect, and the residue is toxic. This damages the property and valuables, and is also an ongoing health risk. Smoke can short out electronics, and it may leave your house at risk for a subsequent fire unless a fire remediation team resolves this comprehensively and professionally.

Smoke damage cleanup is not a job that you can do on your own, and the incorrect approach may even cause destructive chemical reaction. Smoke and its residue are also dangerous, and it is important that you do not come into contact with it.

Fire Damage Cleaning in San Rafael

At ARC, we know that a fire is a stressful event in anyone’s life. If you are the victim of a home or business fire, do not waste any time in contacting us for an estimate. We will evaluate all possible hazards and provide a comprehensive plan for a complete recovery. Call us today at 415-529-5637 to schedule an inspection.