Salvage Your Home After Water and Fire Damage

Posted on: March 29, 2021 | By: Michael T. | Uncategorized

When faced with a disaster like a home or business fire, many face the overwhelming task of restoring their property. While most people will have insurance and the knowledge that almost all physical property can be replaced, it is still a challenging time for many.

While fire causes much destruction with burned items and smoke damage, water damage is more likely to occur to your property from putting the fire out. Let’s discuss this further and investigate how to salvage your home after water and fire damage.

The Difficulty of Restoration
When a house or building fire occurs, it is not only the heat from the flames that destroy. Both smoke from the fire and water as the solution for putting it out will do more damage than what you can visibly see.

In the case of smoke, it can be scrubbed away in many cases with cleaning agents and special equipment. Of course, anytime you have a cleanup, you will add more chemicals and water to the situation.

Water removal is more insidious, as moisture can hide in areas that you may not realize it has crept into. While great for fighting fires, water has a tendency to run under flooring and into walls, finally settling within the baseboards of your home or business.

Hazards of Improper Restoration
It is difficult to complete a restoration on your own after a fire. There are health risks if the job is not fully accomplished. Bacteria and the resulting disease can propagate anywhere moisture is allowed to stand. Mold, which needs moisture to grow, will find a place to take hold and expand in any walls or floorboards within your structure.

Many people who choose to take on the task of restoration on their own find that a few months later, they have a large problem on their hands that is threatening to the health of their family.

Count On a Professional Restoration Company
The only way to truly know your home or business is safe to live in after restoration is to use a professional restoration company. These experts have several things in common that you do not have as a home or business owner, such as:

  • Years of experience in water and fire restoration
  • State-of-the-art equipment to test for moisture
  • Machines to remove any sign of moisture in your home or business
  • Guarantees to back up their work

When facing a building restoration after a fire, make sure to use a professional company as quickly as possible. After a fire in which water has been used to extinguish it, you will only have so long before mold and bacteria begin to grow in your home or business. Waiting too long can mean the difference in saving a large portion of our property or losing it to water damage.

Begin by calling a professional company. Most restoration businesses will respond in emergencies with great haste and begin the process soon after the fire and water damage occurs. They know time is of the essence, and the faster they move into place and begin work, the quicker they can have your property back to the shape it belongs.