Sewage Clean Up in San Rafael, California

San Rafael Sewage Clean Up When You Need It Most

Few accidents can match the destruction of a sewage spill. In addition to the unpleasant smell, sewage may cause immense disruption to your home or business.

Raw sewage contains everything that is carried away by a drain. ThisSewage 1 includes soaps, cleaning products, detergents, food waste, beauty products and human excrement. There are many factors that may cause a sewage spill, including broken or blocked sewages, and when wastewater treatment plants or pump stations experience mechanical faults.

When a spill occurs, there are many ways through which you can find out. For instance, after a spill, the community is informed first. There may also be warning signs in the media alerting the public.

In case the spill has spread to a river or beach, health warning signs are put up to prevent people from using the water until it is declared safe for use. After you realize that there is a sewage spill around your home or business, call Allied Restoration Company at 415-529-5637 for assistance with cleaning up the mess.

The ARC technicians are certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certifications, and our team has more than 20 years of experience helping homeowners and businesses restore their premises after an unfortunate occurrence.

2 Dangers of Sewage Spills

1. Gas Hazards

After a sewage leak, gas is the most immediate threat. Sewage produces a multitude of hazardous gasses such as chlorine, carbon dioxide, sulfur oxide, methane, hydrogen sulfide and nitrous oxide. These gasses can cause harm to both humans and animals.

Methane and hydrogen sulfide are the most common gas hazards in sewage leaks. They can cause disorientation, sickness, unconsciousness or even death.

2. Pathogens

Pathogens are disease-causing microorganisms. Sewage spills release pathogens into the environment.

Raw sewage is a perfect environment for pathogenic organisms to grow and thrive. Although bacteria are non-pathogenic and naturally appear in the human body, they can become pathogenic if they re-enter the body after being expelled.

Botulism is a potent toxic substance that is produced in little oxygen supply by Clostridium botulinum bateria. Salmonella, E. coli, shigella, intestinal amoebas and campylobacter are some of the other bacteria that are commonly found in sewage.

How to Handle a Sewage Spill

Many people might assume that they can manage a sewage spill, but it is not advisable. The best thing is to get professional San Rafael sewage clean up experts who have the knowledge and expertise of dealing with leakages. Before the experts respond to your call, these tips will come in handy:

  • Evacuate everybody from the area where the sewage spill has occurred and avoid the area too.
  • Avoid bodily contact with the spills. This means that you should wear boots, gloves, facemasks, goggles and any other protective gear that can keep you off the spill.
  • Clean and sanitize areas around the leakage.
  • Clear any items such as furniture from the scene.
  • Cover the doors leading into and out of the spill using plastic bags or any other appropriate material.
  • Inform your neighbors about the spill so that they can take the necessary precautions.
  • When the professional clean up experts arrive, it is advisable to evacuate the premises so as to make their work easier.

Considering how harmful spillages are, these tips will help in containing the situation and avoiding contamination.

What to Expect from Sewage Clean Up in San Rafael

Professional clean up services includes the following:

  • Elimination of potentially dangerous sewage spills
  • Total disinfection of the affected area
  • Cleaning the affected area
  • Sorting damaged contents; either discarded or repaired

ARC’s San Rafael Sewage Clean up Service Is Just a Call Away

Sewage spills are harmful and should be handled fast and with lots of precaution. In case a sewage spill problem faces you and you require sewage clean up in San Rafael, simply call 415-529-5637. Your call will be received by one of the many IIRC- certified technicians at Allied Restoration Company. These technicians are on standby 24/7. Thus, you can be sure that your spill will be taken care of in due time.