Professional Flood Damage Repair in San Rafael

Flood Damage Repair in San Rafael 

Water damage is one of the most destructive forces in California. Floods can build rapidly, destroying property and causing potentially fatal health threats.

Novato Water Damage Clean UpThere are a number of preventative measures that home and business owners can take to prevent such incidents, but sometimes, even the best maintenance and care will fail to prevent certain accidents.

For expert flood damage repair in San Rafael, contact Allied Restoration Company today at 415-529-5637. With a timely and professional response, we can evaluate the damage, craft a repair plan and restore your property to its original, pristine condition.

Flood Damage Repair Is Never a DIY Job

A mop and bucket are no match for a flood. Whether it’s from a few feet of water or a persistent leak that has caused greater issues, fighting water damage requires the help of an experienced professional. Novice attempts to remove water or dry an area can actually create more destruction that’s even harder to reverse.

One of the most critical reasons you should hire a professional for flood damage repair is that it will minimize the chances of contaminating other areas of a building with any toxins present in dirty water. Even if the water is clean, it doesn’t take long for mold spores to become an issue; without the proper equipment and protocol, it’s easy to create a health hazard in the surrounding area.

Flood Damage from Failed Plumbing Systems

Pipes carry an endless amount of water through both homes and buildings; while modern plumbing systems are efficient and safe, they can also be a serious problem. Leaking pipes, busted hot water heaters and other complications cause incomprehensible amounts of water to flood an area.

Sometimes flood damage from plumbing is more discreet. A slow leak behind a wall or underneath a sink can go unnoticed for months before the damage becomes impossible to ignore. This can contribute to mold growth, as well as create the right conditions for a more catastrophic incident later on.

Flood Damage from Storms and Violent Weather

Storms create a number of complications for buildings. Heavy rains and winds not only cause damage over time, but under the right conditions can cause immediate destruction and, as a result, flooding. Heavy rainstorms can also cause nearby rivers and lakes to overflow, sending large amounts of water to flow into the basements of nearby buildings.

This water in particular often carries significant amounts of dirt and other contaminants that can cause more damage as well as health problems. A professional water damage team has the knowledge and equipment necessary to deal with this issue. They work on protocols that minimize the spread of contaminants while also preparing an area to be fully cleaned and sanitized.

Waterlogged Property, Humidity, Mold Damage and Issues Associated with Floods

Water damage comes with a number of serious issues that all property owners should take seriously. One of the most common problems with any amount of standing water is that it increases the overall humidity levels of the area. Thorough dehumidification services are necessary to bring these levels back to normal, otherwise the raised humidity makes it difficult for the area to sufficiently dry.

Waterlogged wood floors and furniture require immediate drying techniques in order to restore its original condition. This process requires specific equipment and knowledge to guarantee a recovery.

Mold growth is always a threat when it comes to water damage. Since the spores favor moist environments, areas prone to water damage are a perfect place for it to grow. Mold not only continues to destroy property, but it also continues to release spores into the air. These spores travel throughout an entire building in search of new areas to grow. Spores are also inhaled by humans, which contributes to respiratory issues, as well as cause skin, eye, ear, nose and throat irritations.

San Rafael Flood Damage Repair and Response

If you have recently experienced a flood in your home or business, don’t hesitate to contact Allied Restoration Company immediately. Our team of experienced, professional water damage repair specialists are capable of removing standing water, drying and area and ensuring lasting results. Contact us today at 415-529-5637.