ARC: San Francisco Sewage Clean Up

San Francisco Sewage Clean Up

A raw-sewage spill inside your home or business can happen to anyone at any time with catastrophic consequences. If you were the victim of a sewage leak, then you need to act fast.

Many causes of sewage spills, such as floods, earthquakes, fires and other misfortunes, are unpredictable. After discovering the problem and making repairs, you’re still left with the muck and the smell. Raw sewage is dangerous, contaminating everything it touches and making the air hazardous to breathe.

Don’t Try This at Home

Cleaning, sanitizing and removing the debris of a raw-sewage spill is a hazardous process, which should only be performed by trained professionals. Keeping your family, employees, customers and pets safe takes more than a mop and some spray disinfectant.

Allied Restoration Company’s San Francisco sewage clean up maintains a full staff of trained and licensed technicians of mechanical ventilation engineers, certified microbial investigators, certified indoor air quality specialists, doctors, public health-care professionals and certified restoration trainers. If you have experienced a sewage spill, water damage from flooding or fire damage, big or small, call us at 415-529-5637 to make your property safe from mold, fungus and other pathogens.

What Makes Raw Sewage?

Sewage, also called wastewater, consists of toilet paper, urine, fecal matter, soaps and bits of food, which is the perfect environment to grow deadly pathogens that can infect humans and animals. The wastewater is conveyed in sewers, and can end up in your home or office as a sludgy, mucky and deadly mess. Don’t take a chance with your family, employees or pets; bring in a professional, clean up team to ensure their safety.

The Dangers of Sewage Clean Up in San Francisco

Raw sewage is full of life-threatening pathogens produced mostly from your toilet, shower, washing machine, dishwasher and sinks. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that on average 7 million people get sick from exposure to sewage with 7 percent suffering severe or fatal symptoms. Young children and the elderly are more susceptible to the deadly parasites, bacteria and viruses, such as:

  • Giardia – Colonizing in the small intestinal tract, this parasite is an anaerobic flagellated protozoan that carries severe diarrhea, dehydration, acute gas, chronic weight loss, and the inability to absorb vitamins.
  • Tapeworm – A parasite that feeds on the intestines, causing chronic weight loss, fatigue, and the inability to absorb vitamins that in time can cause seizures.
  • Salmonella – A gram-negative bacterium that can cause food poisoning, gastroenteritis, paratyphoid fever and typhoid fever.
  • E. coli – Also a gram-negative bacterium commonly found in the large intestine that causes fever, vomiting, nausea and bloody diarrhea.
  • Human papillomavirus – Normally a sexually transmitted disease, it lives in raw sewage and causes warts. HPV is linked to cervical, genital and anal cancer.
  • Adenoviruses – Known to cause severe eye infections and respiratory problems like bronchitis, croup and pneumonia.

If not cleaned, sanitized and dried thoroughly off of every surface like floors, walls, carpeting, furniture and even toys, the moisture left behind after a sewage spill can grow toxigenic fungi.

Prevent Future Problems

The damage of a sewage spill inside your home or business can spread through walls, saturate flooring, and soak a path of destruction quickly, penetrating everything. The type of materials contaminated, the amount of sewage and the amount of time it is in contact with surfaces touched by humans and pets determines the amount of clean up needed. Taking fast action to contain the spill and clean it up as soon as possible, means the difference between a clean up and a construction project. The longer you wait, the worse the situation becomes.

Sewage Clean Up in San Francisco

Whether returning home from a natural catastrophe or waking up to sewage overflowing from your toilet, shower, sinks or possibly surging through the floor, ARC can take care of your needs. For more than 20 years, businesses and homeowners have relied on well-trained ARC technicians to restore their properties. Every technician has an Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certificate. They are on call 24/7, and they are ready to extract floodwaters, make repairs from fire damage and perform mold purification. Don’t wait. Call now: 415-529-5637.