Sewage Clean Up in San Anselmo

Fast and Affordable Sewage Clean Up in San Anselmo

Few disasters match the destructive power of a serious sewage leak. Most homeowners agree that suffering through such an event turns life upside down. Still, few are prepared for unexpected storms and broken pipes.

Call a Professional for Sewage-Leak Clean Up

A sewage leak is a health-threatening emergency. Discovery of a leak under the house, apartment building or office is likely to cause Sewage 1panic. It’s natural to ask, “What should I do?”

A sewage leak smells terribly, and bacteria and toxic mold can grow quickly. Serious health issues from the presence of sewage can cause problems for everyone inside.

San Anselmo sewage clean up is a project that must be handled by a professional because a sewage leak is a true health hazard. Sewage clean up and remediation is never a do-it-yourself project.

A raw-sewage leak will damage the basement, furniture and anything in its path. Cleaning a basement filled with raw sewage is a serious task that requires expert care. If your home, office or apartment building experiences a sudden sewage leak, contact professional Allied Restoration Company’s team for fast and affordable sewage clean up in San Anselmo. Call us today at 415-529-5637 to schedule an inspection.

Causes of Raw Sewage Leaks

Sewage backup can enter a homeowner’s basement from multiple paths during storm conditions. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to protect his or her property.

An open floor drain and basement plumbing fixtures, including toilets, shower drains, sinks or laundry machines, are often the cause of the problem. When storm and sanitary sewers combine, it is essential to protect the home from sewage leaks. Since floor drains are supposed to draw water out of the basement, when a broken water pipe or rising groundwater cause flooding, wise homeowners will close them off.

Open drains and basement fixtures expose your home and everyone in it to risks associated with sewer leaks. A professional sewage clean up service can ensure that drains and plumbing are capped off to prevent future sewage leaks or backups.

Plant or tree growth can also cause sewage leaks. Over time, roots may grow within both lateral and blocking pipes that cause sewage backups that are unrelated to storm conditions. On rare occasions, a main sewer line may break or become overwhelmed by heavy rains. Sewage backups are likely to result in these conditions. If raw sewage backs up into the home, office or apartment building, it is the owner’s responsibility to contact San Anselmo sewage clean up.

When a property owner experiences a sewer backup, it is essential to act quickly to limit long-term health problems and property damage. If you’re in need of immediate sewage clean up, call Allied Restoration Company now at 415-529-5637.

Sewer Leak Emergency

Homeowners should keep professional quality rubber gloves and boots, breathing masks and protective goggles in preparation for a sewer backup emergency. Although property owners and inhabitants should never attempt DIY remediation, these items will protect people from foul-smelling waste and sewage pathogens. Large plastic sheets or tablecloths should be placed over door frames that lead to the sewage backup in order to reduce transmission of bacteria or organisms through the air. Move any people in poor or delicate health from the building until the sewage spill is cleaned.

Inhabitants should not pour chlorine bleach onto the raw sewage because chlorine and the ammonia present in the wastewater can combine to create deadly fumes.

Harmful Bacteria, Organisms and Chemicals in Sewage

Raw sewage exposes humans to various harmful bacteria and organisms, including fecal coliforms, fecal streptococci, enterococci, Clostridium Perfringens, Stapholococcus, Pseudomonas, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, acid-fast bacteria, coliphages and bacteriodes. In addition, toxic chemicals, including hydrochloric acid, Stoddard’s Solvent and pesticides, can cause dizziness, vomiting, sore throat, and eye or throat irritation. Pregnant women may be especially sensitive to these pathogens, so it is important to engage professional sewage clean up in San Anselmo.

Post-Sewage Spill Clean Up Tips

Damage to furniture, carpets, area rugs, drapes and so on may be lost in the aftermath of a raw sewage backup or spill. When disposing of these items, it is important to mark them “CONTAMINATED” when placing them at the curb for garbage removal. Even if your items look fine, exposure to dangerous pathogens and bacteria in a sewage spill can make sanitizing them a difficult or impossible task.

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