Flood Damage Repair in San Anselmo

Fast & Professional Flood Damage Repair in San Anselmo

Water damage from flooding poses a serious threat to both homes and businesses. Depending on the source of the water, all of your belongings may be at risk. These include furniture, photographs, documents and even the structural integrity of the building.

What’s worse is that flood damage can build up quickly – either with Water Damage Clean Uplarge amounts of standing water or severe destruction in the form of waterlogging and dry rot. Water damage can also lead to mold growth.

Timing is everything when it comes to recovering from water damage. Calling in the right restoration team for the job can make all the difference. Allied Restoration Company provides professional flood damage repair in San Anselmo for both homes and businesses. Contact us today at 415-529-5637 to schedule an inspection. 

How to Respond to a Flood

Cleaning up a water-damaged site is never a do-it-yourself job, but that doesn’t mean the choices you make during a flood don’t matter. Provided that no one is directly in harm’s way, your most immediate action should be to contact a flood response team. The sooner they arrive and get to work, the better your chances of a complete recovery.

Depending on the type of flood, you may wish to purchase rubber gloves, boots, eye protection and face masks during the cleanup procedure. Hanging drop-cloths over doorways can also prevent the spread of any airborne toxins associated with flooding from sewage leaks. 

Common Causes of Floods

Floods can happen suddenly and often unpredictably. Storms and plumbing malfunctions are among the more common causes of floods for homes and businesses. Regardless of the initial cause, both situations are capable of serious damage, but also have their own unique threats.

Floods from inclement weather are often associated with other issues in the building, such as roofing problems, broken windows or other areas where a leak might happen. These can start slow, but will build up over time — sometimes taking months or years before it becomes impossible to ignore.

Sometimes having your roofing checked once or twice a year is all it takes to prevent a potential flood from heavy rains. Even a small tear in a shingle can lead to serious problems, so it’s best to catch it as soon as possible.

Leaky pipes, busted hot water heaters and other serious plumbing malfunctions can also cause large amounts of water to suddenly flood an area. Though it may be easier to suddenly stop the flow of water by shutting off a valve, plumbing systems transport many gallons of water throughout a building; during a severe failure, all of this water can come rushing out, requiring a swift response time.

Plumbing systems should be regularly maintained in order to eliminate the chance for clogs, leaks and breaks. In large buildings with heavy amounts of plumbing use, this is more of a priority; smaller buildings and houses may only need their pipes inspected once or twice a year, or after each change of seasons. 

Common Threats from Flooding

No one should ever take water damage lightly. Not only can it cause countless amounts of property damage, but it can also contribute to potential health risks. One of the most severe is mold growth.

Preferring moist environments, the area surrounding a recent flood is ideal for mold spores spread. This is a threat even in small floods that barely have an inch or so of standing water.

Mold will not only continue to damage any property it is currently eating away, but it will also release more spores into the air, which easily travel to new sites — even areas where there was no flood — and can be inhaled by anyone in the area. Allergic reactions in the eyes, skin, throat and nasal passage are also common with exposure to mold spores. 

San Anselmo Flood Damage Repair

A simple mop and bucket won’t suffice — no matter how small the flood might seem. A professional flood damage repair team arrives quickly, assesses the situation and conducts industry-standard protocol to remove the standing water and prevent further damage. A professional service will also be equipped to test for and eradicate any mold growth.

With an appropriate response time, a flood damage repair service can drastically improve your chances to salvage damaged property, including paper documents and photographs. They can also provide drying and dehumidification techniques to restore an area back to its original condition.

If you are a home or business owner in San Anselmo, California, and are in immediate need of a flood damage repair service, contact Allied Restoration today at 415-529-5637.