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Today, people in Corte Madera and many other California communities share a widespread concern about the potential for earthquakes to disrupt daily life. This part of the world remains a common site for seismic activity.

When tremors in the earth occur, the movement sometimes causes Roof Repair in California 2significant damage to homes and businesses. It contributes to plumbing failures and roof destruction, sometimes leaving a home uninhabitable. If you’ve experienced this type of disaster, then you know just how challenging it is to clean up the mess.

Professional Roof Repair and Restoration

Fortunately, Allied Restoration Company is here to help you repair and restore damaged roofs following a natural disaster. Calling 415-529-5637 will result in prompt, professional assistance at any time of the day or night.

ARC provides a variety of restoration and cleanup services in the aftermath of a catastrophe. We even handle mold remediation and fire- and water-damage repair.

We can restore your home’s condition after a major storm, accident or earthquake. Alternatively, we also offer complete roof replacement. Read on to learn more about roof damage after earthquakes and other disasters:

Shaking and Rattling

Of course, even with today’s sophisticated detection equipment, no one really knows where a quake may strike. The potential for one of these types of unexpected events to damage property worries many home and business owners.

Just consider some of the ways that an earthquake may create roof problems:

  • The Federal Emergency Management Administration cautions that earthquakes may cause heavy brick chimneys to topple over;
  • Scattered debris may knock shingles off the roof;
  • In some instances, chimneys have even fallen through roofs;
  • Additionally, earthquakes sometimes rupture gas lines and start fires;
  • And a crack in a flue chimney structure may result in carbon monoxide gas entering a structure in the aftermath of a seismic event.

Everyone hopes that this sort of tragic event will not occur in populated areas. It does offer some peace of mind to realize that ARC specializes in helping property owners clean up and restore their residential and business premises following sudden calamities.

Corte Madera Roof Repair

Residents should call upon trained restoration experts to inspect property and implement repairs when a seismic event occurs. These type of unfortunate disasters cause sudden, unforeseen damage that may produce long-term roofing problems in the absence of prompt attention.

Experts recommend that certain types of roofs withstand earthquake activity better than others. During the restoration and repair process, ARC technicians offer guidance to property owners about the advantages and disadvantages of various roofing materials.

Types of Roofs

Roofing systems today vary widely in terms of construction materials. For instance, property owners sometimes install roofs made from these materials:

  • Asphalt shingles;
  • Metal or metal shingles;
  • Clay Tile;
  • Concrete;
  • Polymers;
  • Modified bitumen sheet membranes;
  • And sprayed polyurethane-based foam.

With so many potential selections, obtaining the help of qualified experts after a natural disaster is beneficial to anyone contemplating roofing repair in Corte Madera.

Allied Restoration Company Provides Well-Informed Assistance

ARC aids property owners by performing inspections and repairs in a professional, capable manner. We offer a number of advantages:

  • Our technicians possess extensive training;
  • We send highly qualified teams of experts to disaster sites;
  • The company holds an IIRC certification;
  • We operate on a 24/7 basis;
  • And we’ll restore property safely.

Following an earthquake, a flood, a fire, or some other sudden natural disaster, property owners should entrust the restoration process to a firm with expertise in handling cleanup. ARC specializes in this unique form of roofing.

Preserving Value

It makes sense following a disruptive seismic event to request a roof inspection, even if you don’t see a gaping hole overhead. The trained eye of an expert can detect damage that other people overlook.

If you felt tremors, you want to make certain that the shaking did not harm your roofing system or any of its associated fixtures. For instance, heavy, loose bricks may eventually fall through wood damaged by termites or dry rot.

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Image from Virginia Metal Roofing on Flickr’s Creative Commons