Mold Inspection in American County, California

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The presence of mold is never acceptable in a home or business. Destructive to both property and health, mold can develop in a variety of ways and may even indicate a more serious problem within the building’s structure. This is why scheduling a mold inspection in American County should be a top priority as soon as you notice the signs of an outbreak.

Unless you are incredibly allergic to mold, its presence might not be mildewall that obvious to you or your family. Most people just assume the smell of mold is a normal basement scent. This misconception allows mold to grow and spread throughout an entire building, where it will continue to eat away at the property while posing a significant health risk to those in its presence.

If you suspect your home or business may have mold, contact Allied Restoration Company today at 415-529-5637 to schedule a mold test in American County, California. Our mold remediation experts can conduct a thorough examination of the area to find active sites and apply standard techniques to remove them quickly, safely and effectively.

Common Causes of Mold Growth

For many home and business owners, the actual origin of mold can be somewhat mysterious. Unless you have had recent water damage, it probably seems as if mold has appeared out of the blue.

Water damage is one of the most common causes of mold growth. Serious flooding can dampen property to such a degree that mold grows in hard-to-reach areas; however, sometimes all it takes is minor water damage to trigger a serious problem.

Mold favors damp, moist environments. Basements and attics, notorious for their humidity, are typically the most common areas where you will find growth.

Unfortunately, many property owners assume that a damp basement is the norm. Such an attitude can allow mold to grow and spread. Spotting growth early is critical to stopping it, as is applying sufficient drying services to reduce the chance of further water damage and additional growth.

Telltale Signs of Mold

One of the clearest signs of mold is simply spotting it directly. Mold can often grow on walls, old clothes, paper, carpeting, furniture and other common items in most homes. Mold spores can be black, white or a shade in between.

Mold isn’t always visible, though. One of the obvious signs that there might be a problem is a distinctive smell.

Sometimes the stereotypical damp basement smell is indicative of mold growth. If there are any strange odors in damp areas of the house, you may want to hire a professional to conduct a mold test.

As mold grows, it releases spores into the air. People can inhale these spores easily, and in some cases, it makes contact with the skin.

When that happens, many people experience an allergic reaction. If you find you’re suffering from allergies in your home or business, it may be a sign that there is a mold issue.

Mold Poses a Serious Health Risk

Though mold can damage property, it poses perhaps the most significant threat to the health of anyone within the vicinity. Spores released from active mold sites can travel throughout an entire building, especially where there are HVAC units. Though these spores won’t always find an active site to grow, they can land in areas where human contact becomes an issue.

Mold directly threatens the respiratory system, especially in asthmatics, the elderly and young children. Research also shows a connection between mold exposure and breathing-related illnesses later in life.

Mold Testing and Remediation

The only way to locate and remove mold effectively is to have professionals perform testing and remediation services. Mold spores can be difficult to locate, and active sites can hide in tricky areas. A thorough test, combined with industry-standard removal techniques, is the only effective way to completely rid an environment of mold and pinpoint the issues that may have contributed to its growth in the first place.

Mold Testing and Removal in American County, California

Mold growth is never acceptable. If you have recently undergone water damage of any kind, contact Allied Restoration Company today at 415-529-5637. Our American County mold inspection and remediation experts are ready to help you rid your home or business of mold growth.