Sewage Clean Up in Marin, California

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A raw-sewage flood is not only a headache aSewage 2nd an odorous problem, but it also comes with certain health risks. These include pathogens, bacteria and other contaminants.

What’s worse? A sewage backup may not immediately become evident, and the extent of the problem can remain nebulous until you talk to a professional Marin sewage clean up company.

Marin Sewage Clean Up: This Is Not a DIY Job!

Over the years here at Allied Restoration Company, we have seen business owners and homeowners alike try to clean up the mess of raw sewage and its infectious contaminants. As an untrained individual, this creates a huge risk because even if the problem seems small, you have an entire host of poisonous contaminants in raw sewage. These include:

  • Harmful chemicals
  • Viruses and pathogens
  • Parasites and dangerous microbials
  • Fungal contaminants
  • E. coli and other harmful bacteria

When you hire a professional company like ARC, the clean up involves strict procedures and protocols that protect everyone. In addition, a professional company has access to specialized and expensive equipment that has been designed to handle a raw sewage problem. Whether you have experienced a ruptured pipe or a clog, with professional services, you can more effectively resolve the source of the problem.

What Causes a Raw-Sewage Backup and Flood?

When it comes to sewage backup, the accident can be related to a number of factors. While you can prevent the source of some causes, there are others that take place outside the control of homeowners and business owners. What are things you can do to prevent a raw sewage backup? First, avoid improperly disposing of materials such as oil, grease and larger objects in your sink and toilet. When it comes to sewage backup, this is one of the most common preventable reasons that the professionals at ARC have been called. If you are experiencing this issue, call 415-529-5637 immediately.

Causes that are outside your control include tree-root infiltration and misaligned or broken pipes. Tree roots are the most common unpreventable cause of sewage backup. The tree’s roots move towards sources of moisture, and as a result, they rupture the underground pipes. Older pipes can also cause an issue with raw sewage because the materials used often include clay or soft metals. When it comes to a sewage backup, heavy rain has sometimes been the culprit. For example, overflowing water, leaves and tree branches can leave debris that causes flooding and clogging of your sewage system.

How Can Business Owners and Homeowners Handle This?

The best method is to leave the overall clean up to the professionals. However, you are the first to take notice of an accident. For that reason, you can take specific steps to prevent further damage and maximize safety. First, limit your contact with the sewage, and second, contact a professional sewage clean up in Marin. You will also want to purchase safety equipment such as eye protection, gloves, rubber boots and a breathing mask. Do not wear them anywhere other than around the sewage spill. You also want to keep your surrounding areas as clean as possible.

If you have people who are sick or suffering from health problems, look at moving them into another area until the site has been thoroughly cleaned.

The Danger of Raw Sewage

The best tip is to avoid contact with the site as much as possible. We have seen many risks and complications related to a major sewage backup. The risks are too severe, and you do not want to take your chances.

Sewage Clean Up in Marin

Looking for a great company to solve your sewage backup problems? ARC offers a total clean up of raw sewage to business owners and homes. We provide our customers with unparalleled responsiveness and expertise in the event of a backup. If you are experiencing a sewage backup or clog, waste no time! Call us immediately at 415-529-5637. We are available 24/7 and 365 days a year.

We boast a team of highly trained professionals who understand how to cope with the effects of a raw-sewage flood. When it comes to clean up, every second counts to reduce the risk of serious damage to your property.